Using meshcloud with Microsoft Azure as a Single Cloud Provider 

Not every company structure is suitable from the outset for entering into the cloud journey with several hyperscalers. For some companies it makes sense to consciously opt for a single cloud strategy and there is nothing wrong with it. The advantages of this are time savings in lengthy provider negotiations, organizational integration and even possibly offer strategic advantages.

Cloud Governance for Single Cloud Approaches

Multi-cloud governance platforms reduce the complexity when a company wants to control several clouds and reduce the danger of vendor lock-in. But the good news is: even with only a single cloud, you benefit from cloud governance platforms like meshcloud and can exploit the infinite possibilities of the cloud much faster.


Single Cloud

Your Advantages when using Microsoft Azure with meshcloud

Integration of Microsoft Azure

With our cross-industry, long-standing experience in cloud governance, meshcloud helps you save time and prevent implementation risks when you integrate Microsoft Azure into your existing IT infrastructure, e.g. by helping you build a resource hierarchy that lasts.

Maximizing the Productivity of your DevOps Teams

meshcloud provides the perfect balance between autonomy and control: your DevOps teams can work autonomously and natively in the cloud, focusing on value creation while central IT oversees all cloud activities.

Secure Microsoft Azure Subscriptions by design? For sure!

You have full visibility of who is working on which Azure Subscription at any given time. Your DevOps teams are provided with secure Microsoft Azure subscriptions based on your organization's security requirements. You can also automatically connect IT project metadata to Microsoft Azure security services.

Eliminate manual steps from Microsoft Azure Cost Management

Get end-to-end billing and cost management of your Microsoft Azure Subscriptions by easily integrating budgeting, cost monitoring and transparency, showback and chargeback.

Reduce Central IT Costs with automated Cloud Governance

With meshcloud, you can easily avoid routine manual tasks and meet the increasing need for Microsoft Azure resources across your organization with a stable set of human resources.

This is how meshcloud's Cloud Governance Platform will speed up your Cloud Journey with Microsoft Azure


Self-Service Subscription Creation with Microsoft Azure

Product owners, team leads or project managers are provided with an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service interface to perform simple Microsoft Azure Subscription creation and configuration.

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Self-Service IAM GCP

Self-Service Cloud IAM for Microsoft Azure

Based on an AD integration, you can easily manage the permissions of your Microsoft Azure Subscriptions via self-service. This gives you the full cloud experience and allows you to easily integrate existing structures and user groups.

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Landing Zone Orchestration GCP

Landing Zone Orchestration with Microsoft Azure

With Landing Zones, you define basic security functions and can manage their lifecycle to ensure continuous compliance. For Microsoft Azure, we integrate flexible capabilities such as rollout of Azure Blueprints or Azure Functions, to secure your account when starting off.

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Budgeting, billing and cost management for Microsoft Azure.

meshcloud helps you to automatically allocate costs from one large Azure bill to your consuming applications. DevOps Teams get current insights on their resource consumption, budgets can be easily tracked across multiple subscriptions and monthly allocation is fully automated.

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Centrally managed services for Microsoft Azure

You can complement the cloud-native service offering with customised services along the developer tool chain by offering additional infrastructure services to your business. A common example is a VNet service or Azure support package.

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