Why meshcloud?

Because meshcloud enables organizations to build on the endless possibilities of the cloud while protecting their digital freedom.

All your clouds in one place.

meshcloud is a platform for cloud foundation teams: Integrate your public and private clouds with meshcloud. Unite all your tenants and projects scattered across them on one powerful platform.

multi-cloud governance platform

4 reasons why industry leading enterprises work with meshcloud

Security & Compliance

Consistent security across all clouds

Maintain a consistent security level and full transparency throughout your cloud architecture.

→ More about Cloud Security and Compliance

Cloud Tenant

Direct access to cloud-native tools and services

Use all native features and services of your cloud platforms.

→ More about Identity and Access Management

→ More about Cloud Tenant Management

End-to-end chargeback and transparent billing

Account for 100% of costs across all clouds and allocate them to individual projects.

→ More about Cloud Billing and Cost Management

Service Marketplace for providing managed services

Provide your own services on our Service Marketplace for all of your developers.

→ More about Service Marketplace

Effective multi-cloud management generates measurable results:

The cloud is the most powerful tool in your hand. Utilizing it to the fullest is a key factor in innovation and future economic success. This is hardly possible without powerful governance tooling that integrates across all platforms. Today's cloud architectures are multi cloud architectures. Invest in a platform/framework that puts the cloud and developers first.


Cover 100% of internal customer use cases with one platform


Speed up of cloud onboarding time for DevOps teams by 80%


Cover 85% of security controls within your cloud onboarding process


100% of the cloud costs can be allocated to the projects causing them

How meshcloud works for you

CIO Icon


  • Bring innovative IT products to the market faster,
  • reduce cloud spend,
  • avoid shadow IT and
  • attract the best IT talent.

Cloud Foundation Team Icon

Cloud Foundation Team

  • Deliver secure cloud environments to DevOps teams,
  • keep control over the infrastructure,
  • get rid of manual routine tasks and
  • integrate new platforms.

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  • Reduce your time to cloud significantly,
  • get the resources you need in self-service,
  • experiment with the newest cloud services,
  • work with secure and compliant cloud environments and
  • ship new features!


Who manages my meshStack installation?

We support you on your cloud journey from start through operations. Our meshStack is operated by us and provided to you with continuous updates. We offer different deployment models. You can choose whether it should run in your own cloud infrastructure, e.g. an Azure subscription or GCP project or if you want to get our full SaaS solution and let us take care of everything. 

What platforms are supported by meshcloud?

You can integrate all major platforms with us. Currently we support Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes (incl. the cloud provider's Kubernetes offerings like AKS, EKS and GKE.)

How long does it take to implement the meshcloud solution?

We usually kick-off our cooperation with a PoC that takes between 2 weeks and 3 months, depending on the scope. This gives you the opportunity to evaluate the platform for your specific needs and us to integrate with your existing cloud ecosystem in order to provide you with the best value possible. The PoC is followed by a transition phase leading to a productive setup.

Does meshcloud support all features and services offered by the cloud providers?

We don't have to. When using meshcloud, developers natively work within the cloud. They get to use all cloud-native features and services, as long as they are not prohibited by a Landing Zone.

Build your Cloud Foundation with meshcloud.

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