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Learn more about meshcloud

meshcloud is a Europe-based multi-cloud company. With a great team of multi-cloud experts, we've built a platform to help our customers manage, gain control and provide governance on their cloud environments in a cloud-native way.

We work with multi-national companies, e.g. from the banking, automotive, utilities or retail sector and support them in the following areas:

  • Enabling DevOps teams to work productively and leverage cloud infrastructure to build customer-focused applications.
  • Ensuring a consistent security level for all cloud activities across the organisation.
  • Reducing operational efforts for cloud governance at scale.
  • Controlling and properly allocating cloud costs to the corresponding applications.
  • Gaining a central and comprehensive overview on all tenants and resources running in an multi-cloud environment

"We enable organizations to set up a deeply integrated and highly scalable multi-cloud governance in a matter of weeks – providing a central and comprehensive control plane to manage compliance, security and costs of complex multi-cloud infrastructures."

Christina Kraus, Co-founder and CRO at meshcloud