Implementing organizational cloud compliance requirements

meshPolicies for compliant cloud environments

Enforce organization level compliance standards consistently across all clouds with meshPolicies.

Cloud Compliance by Default

Achieve cloud compliance by default with meshPolicies:

  • Integrate organizational compliance requirements into your cloud governance workflows to achieve higher standardization
  • Automate the fulfillment of compliance requirements to accelerate application time-to-market
  • Provide a guided user experience to your DevOps teams for the efficient implementation of compliant cloud-native applications

Why do you need cloud governance policies?

Building a secure cloud foundation does not only require the implementation of technical security measures, for example as part of a Landing Zone. To achieve compliance in dynamic multi-cloud landscapes you also need to define and enforce organizational measures or policies like below:

Cloud Governance Policies

Here are some more examples of governance policies that can be implemented for cloud compliance:

  • Implementing a productive cloud project requires a regulatory onboarding, while development projects can be created in self-service
  • Cloud projects containing confidential data can run on private cloud only
  • Productive IT projects can only access a limited and whitelisted set of services

Missing automation for cloud governance policies slows down cloud adoption

Slow Cloud Adoption

In many enterprises, the implementation of governance policies involves manual processes, many stakeholder hand-overs as well as multiple IT systems.

This leads to the following challenges, when it comes to achieving continuous cloud compliance:

  • Implementing organizational measures to achieve compliance leads to a massive administrative overhead and reduces agility
  • DevOps teams face high uncertainty on their journey regarding the fulfillment of compliance and security requirements

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