Cloud Landing Zones

Security and Compliance by Design

Make security and compliance standard for all clouds

Preconfigure your AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions, GCP Projects and other cloud tenants with Landing Zones to make them secure by default.

meshcloud's capabilities in the field of cloud landing zones enable organizations to securely pre-configure cloud tenants (e.g. AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions, GCP Projects) according to centrally defined security and compliance requirements.

Common examples for the use of cloud landing zones are:

  • Restriction of geographic locations, e.g. limitation to the use of EU locations for GDPR compliance
  • Mandatory encryption of object storage
  • Standardized networking setups
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Landing Zones

How Cloud Landing Zones work with meshcloud

Platform Operator Olivia can define landing zones for different project types.

Cloud Operators define and provide Landing Zones in Self-Service

Selecting appropriate landing zone for projects

When creating a meshProject, Team Lead Tom selects the appropriate landing zone for each cloud platform.

The meshcloud platform configures the cloud tenants (→Tenant Management) according to the selected policies and continuously monitors their compliance.

The Landing Zones are applied to the created Cloud Projects, before providing Access to the Cloud Consoles

Integrating existing Landing Zone approaches to meshcloud

As a cloud foundation team, you can integrate cloud-native tools like Cloud Formation Stacks for AWS, Blueprints for Azure, or GDM Templates for Google as well as use third-party tools like terraform to describe your Landing Zones in meshcloud.

What are the benefits of using Cloud Landing Zones?

Cloud landing zones enable organizations to establish a preventive cloud security approach. Configuring cloud tenants before handing them out to DevOps teams, has many benefits:

Cloud Foundation

Benefits for Cloud Foundation Teams:

  • Prevent misconfigurations of cloud environments, e.g. missing encryption
  • Unify the security level of a large number of cloud tenants, leading to more consistency and transparency
  • Ensure a certain level of control on the infrastructure, while providing DevOps teams with great autonomy
  • Orchestrating cloud landing zones with meshcloud enables you to implement a consistent security concept across multiple cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Azure and GCP)
DevOps Team

Benefits for DevOps Teams:

  • You are relieved from manual set up steps for your cloud tenants
  • Bureaucratic administrative processes for fulfilling general security and compliance requirements are reduced to a minimum
  • You have full access to the native cloud portals and APIs

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