Cloud Tagging

Build a strong foundation for your cloud governance with consistent and comprehensive cloud tagging

Global Tagging for a strong Cloud Foundation

Assign metadata to your cloud environments and applications to structure security and compliance, billing and tenant management.

Multi-Cloud Tagging is an essential tool when it comes to establishing a comprehensive cloud governance in your organization. Tags allow you to capture metadata on your cloud applications and environments in a structured manner and will benefit not only the cloud compliance and cloud security setup of your cloud environments, but also other areas like tenant management or billing.

Here are some common examples for what you could tag within a cloud project:

  • Environment: dev/staging/prod
  • Data Classification: public/internal/confidential
  • Security Contact: "Sabrina Security Manager"
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Cloud Tagging meshcloud

Cloud Governance Challenges you face without Cloud Tagging

When scaling your cloud activities without a proper cloud tagging strategy in place, you'll inevitably run into the following challenges:

  • Metadata or tags collected upon project creation do not follow a standardized format
  • Metadata or tags are stored separately from cloud environments, e.g. in Excel or Powerpoint
  • Missing processes for updating metadata or tags lead to configuration drift
  • Cloud project metadata is inconsistent across different cloud platforms raising cloud complexity

How Cloud Tagging works with meshcloud

Cloud Tagging Flow

One global tag catalog for your organization

Automated tag replication to all clouds

No more manual cloud tag administration

Implementing Cloud Tagging with meshcloud benefits all Multi-Cloud Stakeholders

Cloud Foundation

Benefits for Cloud Foundation Teams:

  • Create and manage a global and custom cloud tag catalog for your organization
  • Reduce complexity of Multi-Cloud environments by easily implementing a consistent cloud tagging strategy across clouds
  • A standardized format for metadata or cloud tags enables easy integration of complementing systems, e.g. CMDBs, SOCs, ITSM for fully automated cloud governance
  • Metadata or tags provided in your onboarding process are continuously replicated to the cloud and kept up to date over time
DevOps Team

Benefits for DevOps Teams:

  • Easy self-service cloud onboarding
  • Automated tagging within all clouds
  • Consistent tagging for multi-cloud projects
  • A guided user experience for implementing security requirements based on cloud tags

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