Cloud Inventory

Full Transparency on your Cloud Landscape

With an ever-increasing amount of cloud projects spread out between various DevOps teams in a dynamic multi-cloud environment, clarity and traceability of your cloud environment information are imperative for your organization's multi-cloud governance.

Know your Cloud Landscape like the back of your hand

With the cloud inventory you can easily find out everything you need to know about your entire cloud landscape on one dashboard.

Our cloud inventory enables organizations to:

  • View all your cloud tenants from all cloud platforms on a single pane of glass, no matter if private or public clouds
  • Easily find out who a specific cloud tenant belongs to
  • Centrally view metadata (Ownership, Tags, Security Contact, Data Classification, Cost Centers) of all cloud tenants across the entire organization
  • Trace back security incidents (e.g. discovered by security monitoring tools) to the responsible stakeholders
  • Identify unmanaged cloud tenants to prevent shadow IT and unwanted cloud costs
  • Search and filter cloud tenants based on various factors like cloud platforms, tenant IDs, cloud project names
Cloud Inventory

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