Cloud Security and Compliance

Consistent Cloud Security and Compliance as part of a comprehensive cloud governance

To help you build a comprehensive cloud governance that integrates cloud security and cloud compliance requirements in its core, while providing freedom and autonomy to the DevOps teams in your organization, meshcloud provides you with the following cloud security and cloud compliance capabilities:

Cloud Tagging

Create a global metadata model for your multi-cloud organization

→ Learn more on Cloud Tagging

Cloud Landing Zones

Implement a consistent security foundation to prevent breaches and let your DevOps team build on a secure foundation

→ Learn more on Cloud Landing Zones


Enforce governance policies to achieve compliance to common security frameworks

→ Learn more on Policies

Cloud Inventory

Gain transparency across the entire cloud landscape and always know who does what on which cloud

→ Learn more on our Cloud Inventory

New Cloud Security Approaches

Based on these Principles meshcloud allows you to balance Agility and Control


By automating cloud security and compliance requirements, you relieve your DevOps teams and accelerate application time-to-market, while keeping a consistent security foundation.


Rather than correcting misconfigurations, when they've been done, provide your DevOps teams with securely configured and properly documented cloud environments to prevent them from happening.


Our desired state approach does not only allow you to create compliant cloud environments, it helps you to achieve continuous compliance and avoid configuration drift over time.

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Cloud Security and Compliance Guide

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