Identity and Access Management

Managing Identities, Users, Roles & Permissions in Multi-Cloud Environments

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  • Multi-Cloud-SSO
  • Self-Service User Interface
  • Integration with existing solutions (AD, LDAP, etc.)
  • RBAC (Role-based Access Management)
  • Integrated approval workflows (e.g. 4-Eye-Principle)
  • Central control of cloud access rights
  • Auditable access logs
Creating Multi-Cloud Projects with meshcloud

Increase the Productivity of your DevOps Teams with our powerful Cloud IAM Capabilities

Challenge – Lack of transparency and heterogeneous processes

From developer onboarding to long-term management of user and permission lifecycles, managing access to cloud infrastructure is complex and security-critical. Authorizations should be granted as sparingly as possible (principle of least privilege) in order to reduce security risks. At the same time, the productivity of developers should not be restricted by lacking access rights. A simple and transparent process for assigning access rights is therefore essential.

Solution – Centralized Governance for secure cloud usage

With meshcloud you control access rights centrally for all cloud platforms. We help you to design an agile onboarding process for your software developers. No valuable development resources are lost through lengthy approval processes. You use existing development resources efficiently and retain long-term control through central and transparent governance.

Developer Onboarding: How Cloud Access Management Works with meshcloud

Tom is team lead. He registers the new product that his team develops on the meshcloud platform.

Registering new Cloud Products

Providing Cloud Access and Permissions to DevOps Teams

He invites his development team, which is notified by e-mail.

The team centrally creates cross-cloud meshProjects. This is where access and costs are managed.

Managing Multi-Cloud Projects


Direct Cloud-Native Access to Cloud Consoles

Developers get direct cloud access and can start developing.

Cloud Access – simple, secure and auditable

Cloud Authentication & Authorization with an Enterprise IdP

One identity across all cloud platforms

Control identities and access rights centrally via the meshcloud platform. This reduces the complexity of your cloud environment and increases control and auditability.

Integration with local Identity Provider

You can integrate one or more identity providers (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.) with meshcloud to leverage identities from multiple sources and manage access.

Multi-Cloud Single-Sign-On (SSO)

After logging on to the meshcloud platform, developers can directly access the cloud tenants of the connected cloud platforms and use their native tools with just one click.

meshcloud – Link between corporate identity management solutions and Cloud-IAM

The meshcloud IAM goes far beyond simple SSO integration and user management within the meshcloud platform. With meshcloud, you can manage identities and access right through to the connected cloud platforms. Users can not only log on to the meshcloud platform with their company ID, but are also forwarded to the cloud accounts in the connected cloud platforms with their scoped rights. There they can work with the usual tools (CLI, APIs, etc.). The creation and configuration of cloud accounts (cloud tenants) is also an integral part of the meshcloud platform. Learn more about meshcloud's Tenant Management. Learn more about meshcloud's Tenant Management.

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