Cloud Billing and Cost Management

Multi-Cloud cost control and transparent cloud cost allocation for efficient chargeback processes

Central multi-cloud cost transparency

  • Overview of Cloud Costs for all Stakeholders
  • Cross-Cloud Cost Allocation to Cost Centers
  • Metering of Private Clouds and Service Marketplace
  • PDF and csv export
  • Showback & Chargeback
  • Definition of Quotas and Budgets
Cloud Billing

Efficient Cost Management in Multi-Cloud Environments

Challenge – Lack of cost transparency and manual cost allocation

IT decision-makers often lack the means to allocate the costs incurred in the cloud to specific projects or cost centers. An efficient controlling of cloud costs is therefore not possible or only possible with error-prone, manual processes.

Solution – Cross-Cloud Cost Allocation at meshProject Level

meshcloud provides the usage data of the cloud platforms and creates transparency for controlling and cost management. The costs can be further processed in third-party systems. The showback functionality also makes developers aware of the cloud costs they incur in private and public clouds.

Cloud Costs rise with the adoption. Having an overview and transparency is crucial in order to stay in control of the rising costs.

Working at meshcloud

Cloud Billing:
Gives all multi-cloud stakeholders insight into emerging cloud costs

Project Statements bring Cost Transparency for Team Leaders

Team-Lead Tom receives monthly Chargeback Statements to control the costs of his projects.

Developer Daniela has insight into the cost of cloud resources at all times.

Developers gain Transparency on caused Cloud Costs

Cloud Cost Analyses per Cloud Platform

Platform Operator Olivia can automatically allocate costs from all private and public cloud platforms to the corresponding projects.

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