Our Product

Large enterprises use meshcloud to deliver secure cloud environments to thousands of teams while staying in control and reducing complexity.

Our Architecture and Ecosystem

meshcloud is a universal cloud governance platform: We integrate with your organizational structures and established enterprise systems to provide you with a smooth cloud-native experience. This makes our platform an essential asset of your cloud ecosystem and enables you to leverage the cloud to the fullest.

meshcloud Architecture & Ecosystem

Our Product Roadmap

Continuous Improvement is in the core of our philosophy. The cloud market evolves dynamically and we get new insights into the market and the requirements of our customers every day. We strive to identify future needs and requirements early on, integrate cross-industry best-practices and guide your way throughout the entire cloud transformation journey with the highest standards.

Here, we share the next initiatives we take on.

meshcloud Roadmap

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Customer Area Navigation Overhaul

We know that is quite frustrating to navigate around the meshCustomer area sometimes, especially for Customer Admins: vital information is all over the place. On top of that; we know that the project editing page is very busy.

With the Customer Area Navigation Overhaul initiative we will make it easier to find your way around the area and get to the information you need as quickly as possible. As you can see in the mockup below, we will divide the area into five tabs, representing the five pillars that we built the meshcloud product upon. Take a sneak peek below at how it will roughly look like:

meshcloud UI


Simplify Cloud Access

When you want to get stuff done in the cloud; getting there fast and securely is a priority and fun. In order to streamline this process we will enable SSO access to the clouds by using your Enterprise IdP directly in all cloud platforms. This means that you will not need to rely on the meshStack internal identity provider anymore. Don't worry we will still take care of replicating roles and manage access cross platforms. This enhancement is already in place for Azure, GCP and OpenShift and will be implemented for OpenStack and AWS.

Supporting AWS Cost Explorer

Data collection for customer Chargeback Statements and Tenant Usage Reports is hitting some scaling issues when collecting data from a lot of AWS accounts. Furthermore, we see that there is an increasing need in supporting organizations to be very flexible with AWS Saving Plans and AWS Reserved Instances. Additionally, we know that some of you use AWS Cost Explorer and want to see the amortized cost in the usage reports exactly as you see them on the Cost Explorer. Therefore we decided to switch to AWS Cost Explorer for improved scalability and flexibility.


Replication Transparency

Up until now, it was only possible to see a potential error message in the Tenant Replication. We will soon provide you with the option to see each individual replication step, including any (error) messages per step. This will allow you to get a better overview of what the replication process does and when or why something goes wrong. On top of that, it will be possible to trigger a replication manually so you can more easily test and debug the replication process. Here is a sneak peek of what the replication steps will look like:

Cloud Config Status

Frictionless Project Growth for OpenShift

In order to restrict the resource consumption of a project on a cluster, quotas applied via landing zones are used. In the past, the quotas for OpenShift were fixed once a tenant was created, without teams being able to easily in- or decrease quotas. With this change, it is possible to grow the resource consumption on OpenShift with the needs of the project team. Furthermore, it is possible to facilitate and manage the resource de- and increase by leveraging an approval flow.

Easy Platform Selection for Private Clouds

Having trouble picking the right platform for your new project? Do you only want to select a single cloud platform, instead of all platforms in a given location? This will finally be possible!

Dear Platform Operators, we know the management of locations can be troublesome sometimes, and we're investing effort into making this process easier, so you can build a better foundation of your meshModel. The selection of platforms upon project creation, as opposed to locations, is the first step in this direction.



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