Our Product

Large enterprises use meshcloud to deliver secure cloud environments to thousands of teams while staying in control and reducing complexity.

Our Architecture and Ecosystem

meshcloud is a universal cloud governance platform: We integrate with your organizational structures and established enterprise systems to provide you with a smooth cloud-native experience. This makes our platform an essential asset of your cloud ecosystem and enables you to leverage the cloud to the fullest.

meshcloud Architecture

Our Product Roadmap

Continuous Improvement is in the core of our philosophy. The cloud market evolves dynamically and we get new insights into the market and the requirements of our customers every day. We strive to identify future needs and requirements early on, integrate cross-industry best-practices and guide your way throughout the entire cloud transformation journey with the highest standards.

Here, we share the next initiatives we take on.

meshcloud Product Roadmap

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Group Sync

With the group sync we provide you with the possibility to automate the synchronisation of groups and members from a directory (eg. AD) into meshcloud via ldap. This handy automation is not only a time saver but it will also integrate smoothly with existing approval flows.

meshTags Beta

Tags will be used to identify attributes on meshObjects that are meaningful and of interest to your company. Existing meshObjects like meshCustomer, meshProjects, meshLandingZones, meshCUGs and meshUsers can be tagged during creation and subsequently added and modified during the lifecycle of the meshObject.

meshPolicies Beta

meshPolicies are the way to enforce platform independent compliance on a global level. Restrict and control access to cloud environments, dedicated platforms or administrative assets according to your organisation's requirements. meshPolicies are adaptable to the standards of your organisation.


Metric-based marketplace metering

We will provide you with the option to charge marketplace services according to individually defined metrics. This will enable you to scale pricing according to the service consumption in addition to the existing per-service price.

User Group Clean Up

Until now it was only possible to delete all users from a user group to prevent further access for all members. We are introducing to you the possibility to remove user groups from your meshcloud. In order to spare you the removal of all users one by one, the removal of a group will automatically remove the members and provided rights and roles in the context of the group.

Customer Management

We will add various new features to the area of customer management. This includes deleting a customer, a user leaving a customer and setting a dedicated customer owner. This will enable your organization and its users to better manage all existing customers.


Cost Management

With all those projects and tenants it's hard to keep track of all the cost resulting from the workload you manage and orchestrate. We already link the costs to the cause but we will not stop there. We will provide you with some simple and smart measures to give you a status of the current cost situation. Color-Coded status of budgets, insightful dashboards and more are coming your way!

Not happy with the current options for payment methods? Worry no more! We'll provide you with the possibility to tailor the payment methods to the needs of your organization.Cloud Cost Management Dashboard

Project Usage Reports

Interested in the current state of the multi-cloud usage during the month? We provide you with the possibility to check the aggregated costs for the rolling month on your project cross cloud tenants.

Replication Debugging

Up until now, it was only possible to see a potential error message in the Tenant Replication. We will soon provide you with the option to see each individual replication step, including any (error) messages per step. This will allow you to get a better overview of what the replication process does and when or why something goes wrong. On top of that, it will be possible to trigger a replication manually so you can more easily test and debug the replication process. Here is a sneak peek of what the replication steps will look like:

Cloud Config Status

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