Our Product

Large enterprises use meshStack to deliver secure cloud environments to thousands of teams while staying in control and reducing complexity.

Our Architecture and Ecosystem

meshStack is a universal cloud foundation platform: We integrate with your organizational structures and established enterprise systems to provide you with a smooth cloud-native experience. This makes our platform an essential asset of your cloud ecosystem and enables you to leverage the cloud to the fullest.

meshcloud Architecture & Ecosystem

Our Product Roadmap

Continuous Improvement is in the core of our philosophy. The cloud market evolves dynamically and we get new insights into the market and the requirements of our customers every day. We strive to identify future needs and requirements early on, integrate cross-industry best-practices and guide your way throughout the entire cloud transformation journey with the highest standards.

Here, we share the next initiatives we take on.

Roadmap June 2021

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End to End Cost Management

Currently users are required to manually download a CSV file to export cost. We will soon launch an API which provides the cloud costs collected by meshStack. This will enable organizations to build a complete end-to-end cost management process. Starting with the collection of costs, originating from cloud environments and service consumption, over the inclusion of custom fees and discounts. With this upcoming addition it will be possible to automate the export into external systems. Exports enable you to trigger automated cross charging of departments and the creation of central dashboards.

GDPR-compliant User Life Cycle Management

No more manual processes to stay GDPR-compliant. meshStack will offer an automated way to synchronize users from a central source of truth to meshStack. This enables organizations using meshStack in all SaaS and Enterprise plans to enjoy the comfort of an automated user lifecycle. meshStack will leverage SCIM standard which is supported by a wide variety of Identity Providers out of the box.


Removing an individual tenant from a meshProject

You might end up in a situation where you have a few marketplace services and a public cloud tenant in your meshProject. So far it is not possible to delete single tenants just the overall meshProject. We are working on enabling individual tenants deletion processes and therefore creating a smoother deletion experience for platform operators and DevOps teams.

CO2 chargeback Beta

As software is eating the world the share of IT for global carbon emissions is growing at a fast pace. To build a better future, we must take effective action against climate change. We will work on providing transparency about every cloud project's carbon emissions to all cloud foundation stakeholders. As a start, we are building a proof of concept for viewing CO2 information from Google Cloud in meshcloud.


Early Visibility of non-compliant Choices

Creating tags and applying policies on these tags works even better now! Previously, users were informed too late if they picked a non-compliant option that violates one of the configured meshPolicies. This led to back-and-forth clicking in the creation wizard, which was quite frustrating. We now made these non-compliant options visible upfront and prevent the selection in the first place. This facilitates a faster and smoother creation experience in your meshstack!

Getting Started with Notifications

Receiving notifications for certain events happening in your cloud foundation is one of the most common requests we receive from you. To enable your meshStack for helpful notifications we have built up an infrastructure for receiving great notifications via e-mail, and as a starter, we launched a commonly requested notification: being alerted when you (almost) spent your budget. This makes development teams much earlier aware of any potential budget overspends in their projects.



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