meshStack with Google Cloud Platform

Use Case

Cloud Governance for Your Single Cloud Strategy

Multi-cloud governance platforms reduce the complexity when an organization wants to control multiple clouds and reduce the risk of vendor lock-in. But the good news is: even with only one cloud, you can benefit from using meshStack and leverage the infinite possibilities of the cloud much faster.

Using meshStack with GCP as a Single Cloud Provider

While multi-cloud is on the rise, it does not make sense for every organization to integrate all the hyperscalers at once. Integrating multiple cloud providers is a complex endeavor and there is nothing wrong with taking a conscious decision and focussing on a single cloud approach. Going for a single cloud strategy will save time on lengthy provider negotiations, organizational integration and can even have strategic benefits.

Single Cloud

Your Benefits when using GCP with meshStack

Jump Start your GCP Integration

Build on years of cross-industry experience in cloud governance to save time and avoid implementation risk when integrating GCP to your existing IT landscape.


Maximize Productivity for your DevOps Teams

Find the right balance between autonomy and control: Your DevOps teams work autonomously and natively in the cloud and can focus on creating value, while central IT and security keep track on all cloud activities.

Secure your GCP Projects by-design

Provide secured GCP projects to your DevOps teams, based on your organization's security requirements and automatically connect IT project metadata with GCP's security services, to have full transparency on who runs what in which project at any point in time.

Remove manual steps from Cost Management for GCP

Easily integrate budgeting, cost monitoring and transparency, showback and chargeback to have an end-to-end billing and cost management of your GCP projects.

Reduce Central IT Costs with automated Cloud Governance

Leverage meshStack to avoid manual routine tasks and meet the increasing demand for GCP across the organization with a stable amount of resources.

How meshcloud's Cloud Governance Platform accelerates your Cloud Journey with GCP


Self-Service Project Creation with GCP

Provide an intuitive an easy-to-use self-service user interface to product owners, team leads or projects managers to enable an easy creation and configuration of GCP projects.

→ More on Tenant Management

Self-Service IAM GCP

Self-Service Cloud IAM for GCP

Easily manage permissions to your GCP projects in self-service to get the full cloud-native experience and integrate existing structures like user groups.

→ More on Cloud Identity and Access Management

Landing Zone Orchestration GCP

Orchestrating Landing Zones for GCP

Provide landing zones to cover basic security features and manage their lifecycle for continuous compliance.

→ More on Cloud Security and Compliance


Budgeting, Billing and Cost Management for GCP

Assign budgets to cloud projects, track costs over time, and automate cost allocation to project teams.

→ More on Cloud Billing and Cost Management


Centrally Managed Services for GCP

Provide additional enterprise infrastructure services to complement the cloud-native service offer with customized services along the developer tool chain.

→ More on Service Marketplace

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