Use Cases for meshcloud's Cloud Foundation Platform

Large enterprises use meshStack to deliver secure cloud environments to thousands of teams while staying in control and reducing complexity.

Cloud Zones: Clever management of your applications

Address the needs of your teams while creating an enterprise-wide structure that addresses both your company's security and compliance standards.

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Using meshStack with Google Cloud Platform

Build on years of cross-industry experience in cloud governance to save time and avoid implementation risk when integrating GCP to your existing IT landscape.

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Using meshStack with Microsoft Azure

With our cross-industry, long-standing experience in cloud governance, meshStack helps you save time and prevent implementation risks when you integrate Microsoft Azure into your existing IT infrastructure, e.g. by helping you build a resource hierarchy that lasts.

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Cloud Identity and Access Management

Manage Identities, Users, Roles & Permissions in Single- and Multi-Cloud Environments on meshcloud's Cloud Foundation Platform.

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Cloud Tenant Management

Manage AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions and GCP Projects at Scale. Use meshStack to manage the lifecycle of your cloud tenants end-to-end — fully integrated on one platform.

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Cloud Security and Compliance

Make your clouds secure with a global metadata model, a consistent security foundation with landing zones, enforcable governance policies and a transparent cloud inventory across all platforms.

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Cloud Cost Management

Our Cloud Foundation Platform enables you to automate your cloud cost management and successfully implement FinOps practices in your organization.

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Cloud Service Ecosystem

Manage and provide access to external and internal cloud services with end-to-end chargeback.

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Build your Cloud Foundation with meshcloud.

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