Vendor Lock-in – What is it?

Vendor lock-in describes the dependency on a certain provider. In cloud computing this is mostly related to proprietary technologies as a proprietary cloud technology will only be offered by a single provider. Relying on it means relying on this provider's

  • technology evolution
  • pricing strategy
  • treatment of privacy regulations
  • service quality
  • and any other decision they take

As your whole IT is based on your infrastructure you may want to avoid this.

Adapting your infrastructure to such a proprietary technology may seem easy and maybe even cheap in the first place. But getting your infrastructure out of such a technology will be time-consuming, expensive or even impossible. That is why the choice of a cloud service provider is an important strategic decision. Netflix and Dropbox are just two examples for companies who experienced the cloud jail phenomenon.  

How Meshcloud helps you to avoid vendor lock-in

The use of open-source technologies can help you to avoid vendor lock-in. At Meshcloud we rely on two open-source cloud technologies that have evolved to a standard in cloud computing and are supported by various big companies: OpenStack and Cloud Foundry. They have been validated in big cloud deployments and undergo continuous improvement driven by the requirements of their users. As a result the change of provider does not come with technological hurdles but is smooth and can be accomplished at any time. Furthermore, you are free to use the same technology in a private setup and thereby avoid any vendor dependency.

  1. We rely on open-source technologies for our cloud solution
  2. We provide multiple locations for your cloud deployments
  3. We connect local independent service providers to a global multi-cloud
  4. We enable you to build hybrid cloud environments that are based on a single technology