Are you meshed, yet?

The Meshcloud Platform integrates all your cloud services to build up a mesh that provides full transparency and helps you set up agile and sustainable processes, independent from the technology you use.

Meshcloud – onboarding, governance and cost control for your Multi-Cloud environment.

The Meshcloud platform has been developed specifically for large enterprises with heterogeneous Multi-Cloud environments. With a focus on open-source platforms, such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, Meshcloud combines the best of both worlds, private and public cloud, on a single platform.

Leverage your Multi-Cloud to the Fullest


With Mehscloud, we aim to bring your whole cloud environment to a single pane of glass, no matter if private, public or hybrid cloud. Therfore, we integrate the following cloud platforms.


Cloud Foundry


Amazon Web Services

Something missing? Please reach out to us, to learn more about our roadmap or the possibility to integrate custom cloud services.


Leight-weight, angular-based user interface

Our user interface is optimized for maximum speed and performance. Based on modern technologies, our team continuously works on improving the user experience of the Meshpanel.

Automate all the Things

The greatest benefit of cloud computing is its automation capability. Automation does not only accelerate processes that were previously conducted manually. It guarantees a constant quality level for these processes and enables repeatability at all times.  Therefore, we provide you with all the tools you need, to automate your deployments.

Open Standards

We believe that the use of open-source cloud technologies is an essential strategic benefit for companies. Therefore, our platform does not limit the use of the native platform APIs (e. g. the OpenStack, Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes API) in any way. In this way we ensure that you prevent vendor lock-in.

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