Landing Zone Showcase

Show don't Tell: A fast track to your Cloud Foundation

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Ditch lengthy project plans. With our fixed-price showcase, you’ll be ready to go within 6 weeks. You will be able to:

  • Sharpen the target picture of your Cloud Foundation and converge ongoing discussions
  • Demonstrate a scalable cloud foundation to stakeholders in the enterprise to get their feedback and buy-in
  • Try out a real cloud self-service with initial application teams (including protection through landing zones)
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Hiking in 6 Weeky to the Cloud Foundation

Cover the entire Cloud Project Lifecycle

Your path to Cloud Foundation in 6 weeks

Our Showcase enables Cloud Foundation teams to build a basic Cloud Foundation within 6 weeks. After the initial setup, your application teams will gain new capabilities, such as:

  • Provision and access cloud-native environments (e.g., AWS accounts) that have been pre-configured and secured for various use cases.
  • Direct use of company-owned services (such as VMaaS)
  • Central allocation and real-time tracking of budgets across all cloud projects

For the duration of the showcase, you will receive a free trial of our Cloud Foundation Platform meshStack with up to two public cloud platforms (AWS, Azure (EA), AKS, GCP).

Fixed package price: 7,900€ (plus VAT)

Book showcase

Cloud-native & "Lift and Shift" Landing Zones

Create the base of your foundation

There are 5 pillars that form the core of your Cloud Foundation: Tenant Management, IAM, Security, Cost Management and a Service Ecosystem. In our showcase, we provide a meshStack that offers these capabilities out-of-the-box with an intuitive user interface for different user groups and an API.


  • Kickoff workshop with all stakeholders
  • Setup and integration of your cloud platforms
  • Automatic delivery of self-service landing zones

Increase developer productivity

Drive Developer Experience

This step is about preparing for scaling. Based on your cloud goals and our proven Cloud Foundation Maturity Model, we perform an assessment and jointly create a roadmap to complete your cloud foundation. One goal: opening up your cloud foundation platform for enterprise self-service access.


  • Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment
  • Identification of goals, success criteria and value drivers
  • Development of a Cloud Foundation roadmap to achieve these goals.

Why should you choose a showcase with meshcloud?

Proven self-service solution

With meshStack, companies manage thousands of cloud projects every day – professionally and efficiently

Concrete implementation

Act instead of talk: Demonstrate a concrete working cloud foundation to drive decisions, address concerns and move your business forward

Know-how transfer

Workshops and customer success support ensure that you can subsequently operate and further develop your Cloud Foundation yourself. If required, we will also be at your side afterwards.

Cloud Foundation Community

Exchange of experience and regular community meetings help with the exchange of ideas