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As a Meshstack service provider you do what you do best.

As a service provider, you are an expert in running data center operations. We need your skills to provide a solid foundation for our federation. Once we made sure your data center meets our minimum requirements and capacities, we are ready to set you up. We are constantly improving our on-boarding process to make joining our federation as smooth as possible.
Contact us now to find out more about our minimum participation requirements.

We make sure, you keep up with new technology trends.

We roll out a homogeneous OpenStack and Cloud Foundry distribution on your hardware and link them to our federation. After the initial setup, we continue to operate the stack, including updates and further development. You can focus on differentiation strategies within the Meshcloud Federation and communicate your new cloud offerings to your customers.

The federation enriches your product offer to compete with the big cloud players.

Being part of the Meshcloud Federation you can offer your customers scalable and geographically distributed solutions even if you participate with only one location. We strive to create a large grid (or mesh) of data centers and enable easy deployment mobility between them for both IaaS and PaaS applications. This enables you to offer disaster-tolerant deployments or to scale location-aware scenarios better e.g. for the Internet of Things.

We help you to find new customers across the globe.

As a member of the Meshcloud Federation you are part of a strong brand with high visibility. We take care of communication and marketing activities for your cloud offers and present them at relevant events to increase your exposure.

We increase your administration efficiency.

Our technology incorporates transparent monitoring and billing capabilities. We provide you with an overview on all your customers‘ activities as well a consolidated accounting to reduce your administrative costs.

The Business Model

The platform is based on a revenue share model. While we operate a state-of-the-art cloud stack for you, we share the revenue that the customers generate through our joint services. Please contact us for further information.

Meshcloud cloud service

Any Questions?

Contact us. We are happy to help you with any open questions or provide you with more detailed information about Meshcloud.

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