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I want to provide the Application Teams with an intuitive front end for my GitOps pipelines.

In my GitOps setup, everything works fine for me. The problem is the app teams rely on me to provision their Azure subscriptions and on-prem connectivity. Can't they handle it themselves?

I would like to equip them with better tools and processes because dealing with the existing templates, tweaking parameters, waiting on approvals, and handling merge requests doesn't provide the smoothest workflow for them.

But who could blame them? Product Owners often lack know-how in Git, and even developers might not be familiar with terraform. Some developers have never have never run a Terraform module. Therefore, they often require assistance by our platform team. This slows down their productivity and costs precious resources on our side.

Our Solution:
At this point, we decided to go with a solution that provides UI and API interfaces that made it easy for application teams to provide their own infrastructure. Users can choose the interface that best suits their needs, whether they prefer a graphical interface or programmatic access. This approach significantly streamlines the Azure subscription provisioning process within the GitOps framework.

Also additional services like on-prem connectivity can be deployed easily by the app teams. At the same time, we reinforce a clear and defined shared responsibility model between application teams and the platform team.

meshStack makes this possible by reducing our Platform Teams’s workload, so we can dedicate our efforts to building services. Similarly, meshStack empowers application teams to deploy services on demand. I’m excited about the seamless integration: using the intuitive frontend of the GitOps platform, the App Teams creates well-formed merge requests for our GitOps repo. This system promptly notifies us of any changes, helps validating inputs, and facilitates the approval process.

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