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meshStack empowers you for cloud adoption in a few weeks

Faster Time to Cloud

Compared to manual creation of cloud environments

Time savings in cloud management

Compared to manual management of multiple clouds

Cost savings

Compared to the development of in-house solutions

Cloud Transformation with AWS, Azure, GCP & more

One Cloud Foundation for All:meshStack currently supports7 Public and Private clouds

Optimized cloud management with meshStack

  • Future-proof: Leverage new clouds without costly integration projects
  • Offer your developers cloud self-service with built-in compliance - new cloud accounts in minutes
  • Operate clouds securely & compliantly at all times
  • Developers continue to use all cloud-native tools and services directly
  • Automate your billing processes
  • and much more



Google Cloud

Public & Private Clouds

Cloud Foundry




Best Practice: The 5 Pillars of the Cloud Foundation

A stable foundation for youreffective Cloud Journey

The biggest hurdle to cloud transformation is the immense complexity. Technical integration and organizational change must be brought together in a meaningful way. To master this, meshStack is based on the following 5 Cloud Foundation pillars:

Tenant Management

For example, a tenant is an account on AWS, a subscription on Azure, or a project on Google Cloud. A large number of cloud tenants requires good tenant lifecycle management. meshStack enables this across clouds to automate tenant creation and enforce consistent security standards. Goodbye Shadow IT.

More: Tenant Management

Identity & Access Management

Clean management of identities and authorizations in the cloud provider environment is part of a compliant (multi-)cloud strategy. meshStack enables users and roles to be managed consistently across all cloud platforms.

More: Identity & Access Management

Security & Compliance

Comprehensive cloud governance must include cloud security and cloud compliance requirements at its core, while allowing application teams their freedom and autonomy. This includes efficient supply and management of suitable landing zones. For this purpose, meshStack offers the necessary functionalities.

More: Security & Compliance

Cost Management

A successful multi-cloud strategy ensures that all costs are reliably presented and charged. meshStack shows teams the current costs for each project, monitors organizational budgets and supports fully automated billing (chargeback) in the background. Detailed cost and CO2 reporting (when available) enables teams to meet their cost responsibilities.

More: Cost Management
Billing information dashboard

Service Ecosystem

Organizations using meshStack can seamlessly extend cloud providers’ offerings with organization-specific services (e.g., on-premise connectivity, data services). In the Service Marketplace, teams can offer or consume their own services – in self-service and with integrated cost allocation. This means that a service-based organization can be implemented both technically and economically.

More: Service Ecosystem

What does cloud transformation mean to you?

A successful Cloud Journey -
for all stakeholders and cloud users

What CxOs need to consider during cloud transformation

Cyber security, ESG, New Work: As a top management decision-maker, you want to make your company digitally successful. A successful cloud transformation, towards a cloud-native company, is one of the central levers for growth and success. Stay on top of their technology landscape and remain digitally confident.

meshcloud has guided many large enterprises to make their Cloud Journey successful. Our solutions are born out of practical experience and have the entire organization in mind.

More about Cloud from a CxO perspective
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Enterprise Architect

With meshStack, enterprise architects deploy secure cloud environments, maintain control over infrastructure, and eliminate routine manual tasks. New platforms can be easily integrated and made available to application teams.

More for Enterprise Architects

Platform Engineer

Platform Engineers are responsible for the operation of a cloud platform. meshStack enables platform engineers to roll out landing zones at scale, user self-service for their automations, and internal cost allocation for all cloud tenants, among other capabilities.

More for Platform Engineers


Thanks to meshStack, application teams are able to significantly reduce their time to cloud while getting all the resources they need in self-service. Basic security features are preconfigured and frequently required additional services can be booked directly.

More for developers

Security Officer

With meshStack, security officers get a central system for designing governance and security controls to be implemented for all clouds. This makes it much easier to ensure a uniform level of security.

More for Security Officers

Controller (FinOps)

No manual offsets, no unnoticed budget overruns, no bill shock. Achieve automated and complete allocation of all cloud costs incurred, real-time control of budgets by teams, and visibility into current budget usage at any time.

More for controllers / FinOps managers

Our product roadmap

Continuous improvement is the core of our philosophy

We work every day with our renowned customers and partners to make the cloud more productive and easier to use. What we learn in the process flows back into our product as best practices. We identify future needs and requirements at an early stage, develop robust cross-industry solutions and accompany you along the entire path of cloud transformation.

Focus on the digitization of your business – we provide the stable foundation for it: the Cloud Foundation.




No more manual processes to stay GDPR-compliant. meshStack will offer an automated way to synchronize users from a central source of truth to meshStack. This enables organizations using meshStack in all SaaS and Enterprise plans to enjoy the comfort of an automated user lifecycle. meshStack will leverage the SCIM standard which is supported by a wide variety of Identity Providers out of the box.

Currently, you manage platforms & landing zones via the user interface in meshStack. To enable teams to automate the creation and management of platforms and landing zones the meshObject API will support meshPlatforms & meshLandingZones. On top of that, we also plan to pack up this functionality into a Terraform provider so you can manage your cloud foundation with Terraform. With this you will be able to:

  • Easily roll platform credentials
  • Reuse parts of the configuration for different landing zones and platforms
  • Manage meshStack configuration as code and reap the benefits of git-based workflows such as versioning, change log any many more

meshStack extends its comprehensive tenant management capabilities by automatically deleting all IAM permissions groups and assignments within a tenant during the deletion process. This saves significant time for platform operators of public cloud platforms as no more manual deletion of IAM users is necessary.

Most organizations plan and manage their budgets in a yearly cycle. We will improve meshStack when it comes to rolling over budgets for a new fiscal year to reduce manual effort in doing so. This will support cloud foundation and application teams to have correct budgets right from the start and throughout the year.

One place to see it all. meshStack will soon be enabled to have your entire cloud foundation at a glance: this means one place where you see information around cost and cloud tenants through charts & other actionable data points. We want to enable cloud foundation teams to see how their cloud foundation operates and if any actions need to be undertaken.

So far, meshStack focused mainly on providing you with capabilities to manage your cloud foundations. Now it’s time to support you in building landing zones that provide a base layer for cloud-native and lift and shift workload. We worked on providing more functionality, guidance and templates (see also Cloud Building Block Experience below) for:

  • Cloud-native landing zones
  • Lift and Shift Landing Zones

Are teams asking you for a managed VM for their legacy workloads? Now we help you to provide an easy entrance to the cloud with a “Lift & Shift”-Landing Zone. Teams can get their managed VM while already benefiting from cloud foundation capabilities. Some workloads in your organization better fit a cloud-native landing zone. But you don’t know where to start? Now we provide you with the capabilities to get teams on a solid cloud native landing zone within days.

Cloud Foundation teams offer cloud landing zones to application teams to provide a base layer of security and automation. So far additional or required services, necessary to mature the environment were available without further context in the marketplace. This not only led to a disrupted creation experience of new cloud tenants but also users were not aware of valuable services like on-premise connectivity that needed to be added to the cloud tenant. With this addition to our product, we smoothed out the creation experience of new cloud tenants by providing the ability to add mandatory or suggestion optional services. Booking those services is now an integral part of the creation experience.

We provided you with measures to leverage the Azure Hub and Spoke Architecture to get on-premise connectivity to your Azure subscriptions managed via meshStack. It is now available as an additional building block on top of Azure landing zones. It will be available as an additional building block on Azure Landing Zones.

Discover more advantages of meshStack

Set up for one cloud - use with all clouds

With meshStack, multiple cloud platform integrations are eliminated. Once set up for one cloud, you can add more cloud platforms for the enterprise with just a few clicks. Instead of cloud silos with months-long integration projects, you get an integrated control center for your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Azure Cloud Foundry Google Cloud Kubernetes Openshift Openstack

A hand full of cloud platforms.

Fast implementation

Thanks to our SaaS model, implementation in your IT landscape takes place in the shortest possible time.

Excellent support

Our experienced Customer Success team is on hand to ensure your Cloud Journey is successful.

100% customer satisfaction

Our customers rely permanently on meshStack for their successful cloud journey.

Weekly updates

meshStack is constantly being developed further and regularly receives new functions.

Made in Germany

meshStack is also suitable for operation in highly regulated environments, such as in the financial or infrastructure sectors, thanks to its extensive compliance support. meshcloud is ISO27001 certified.

Well documented

meshStack has detailed documentation for onboarding, configuration and operation. In the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM) we show best practices for the Cloud Journey.

Multiple awards & certifications