OpenStack is an open-source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud operating system. It has evolved to a standard in industry and has already been validated in big cloud deployments. OpenStack is continuously being improved by a large community and supported by various well-known companies.

Consisting of several components such as “Neutron” for network management, “Nova” for computing or “Cinder” for block storage, this cloud operating system covers all traditional IaaS functionalities (compute, storage and network) and far more than these. Due to its scalability, OpenStack is especially predestined for hybrid cloud solutions.


Our cloud solution is based on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry

Service Catalog

We offer a standardized set of VM flavors that cover multiple application scenarios.

Flavor Category Flavor vCPU (Cores) vRAM (GB) vHDD (GB)
General purpose gp1.tiny 1 1 20
gp1.small 1 2 20
gp1.medium 2 2 40
gp1.large 2 4 40
gp1.xlarge 4 8 60
CPU-bound cb1.tiny 2 1 20
cb1.small 2 2 20
cb1.medium 4 2 40
cb1.large 4 4 40
cb1.xlarge 8 8 60
Memory-bound mb1.tiny 1 2 20
mb1.small 1 4 20
mb1.medium 2 4 40
mb1.large 2 8 40
mb1.xlarge 4 16 60

Locations in Germany

Within the Meshstack we offer OpenStack hosted in various locations in Germany. Run your applications in a trusted location to benefit from strong European privacy regulations. We currently offer OpenStack in the following locations: