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Collie CLI

Simple cloud control

One project on AWS, two on Azure, and maybe something on GCP? Once you have more than a handful of cloud environments to herd, ensuring consistent tagging, access management and responsible spending becomes a challenge. Collie helps you create visibility across all your clouds and structure your cloud landscape with landing zones.

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UniPipe Service Broker

Offer services on OSB API-compliant marketplaces

  • Fast deployment using terraform: Get up and running with your first service broker in < 30 minutes
  • Easy operations: The service broker container is stateless. Service instances and bindings are stored in a git repository.
  • GitOps workflow: Don't have all the automation yet? Just read out service requests via unipipe list and unipipe show from the git repository and provision the service manually, then update the status via unipipe update.
  • Built for automation: The interface for integrating automation is the git repository and unipipe CLI makes working with it easy. Use whatever automation tooling you are most productive with!
UniPipe Service Broker on Github
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