• Multi-Cloud-Management for Service Providers

Meshcloud – manage all your OpenStack environments in a single place

The Meshcloud platform has been developed specifically for service providers that offer cloud services based on OpenStack. Managing multiple OpenStack sites is complex and associated with a lot of administrational effort.  While "Horizon", the native user interface of OpenStack brings basic functionality to manage cloud resources for a single location, the focus of Meshcloud lies in managing multiple sites at once. With a role concept dedicated to service providers, we enable an easy management of multiple customers on the platform, accompanying the whole journey from fully managed service to a self-service portal for your customers.

Providing OpenStack services to your customers was never so easy

OpenStack Customer

Add new customers within seconds

Track resource usage on a per-minute basis

Automate your billing via invoice or credit card

OpenStack UI

Provide an easy-to-use self-service portal


Leight-weight, angular-based user interface

Our user interface is optimized for maximum speed and performance. Based on modern technologies, our team continuously works on improving the user experience of the Meshpanel. Furthermore, we have included functionality to help service providers manage their customer accounts, by creating projects and resources, inviting users or setting quotas.

It's all API-driven

We believe that the use of open-source cloud technologies is an essential strategic benefit for companies. Therefore, our platform does not limit the use of the native platform APIs (e. g. the OpenStack, Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes API) in any way. Meshcloud facilitates the use of these open-source cloud platforms by bringing additional governance functionality, such as authentication, user management and project management, cross-location and cross-platform. 

Container as a Service on your IaaS Cloud

Containers are on the rise. Be ahead of your competitors and provide the newest technologies to your customers. How it works? We deploy and run Cloud Foundry and/or Kubernetes on your OpenStack platform, including a set of services needed for successful deployments, such as databases or message queues. Container resources appear and are managed from the same portal as your IaaS resources.

Deployment Options

We offer flexible deployment options for the Meshcloud platform. You can choose between Meshcloud as a service and an on-premise deployment of our software. It's up to you.

Meshcloud as a Service: It's the quickest way to get started – we take care of the hosting and set everything up for you in a matter of hours. In addition you can benefit from our Meshcloud Federation* as an additional sales channel.

On-premise deployment: Do you prefer to keep everything on your premises? No problem, we are happy to deploy the Meshportal in your own OpenStack/Cloud Foundry environment.

*The Meshcloud Federation brings together multiple datacenters within Europe that run OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and/or Kubernetes. You can reach it at panel.meshcloud.io.


Our subscriptions are flexible and made for teams and service providers of all sizes.

  Basic Pro
Number of Customers 1-10 More than 10
Billing monthly/yearly monthly/yearly
Number of Locations Unlimited Up to 3 included
Pricing Unit per Location per User

Please contact us for more detailed information.

Live Demo

Contact us now to get a live-demo of the platform. We are happy to show you our platform or provide you with a test account.

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