Do you have your Multi-Cloud under control?

Avoid security breaches by enabling central cloud governance with Meshcloud.

Meshportal decouples your processes from a specific technology and streamlines cloud service provisioning

No obstacles for cloud usage – provisioning, administration and accounting of cloud services as a decentralized self-service

Govern your clouds from a central platform – OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and others under control without sacrificing the on-demand experience

Efficiently administrate your cloud resources

The Meshportal enables your employees to provision cloud resources from private and public cloud environments in a self-service manner. A user interface offers resources across locations and technologies, while enabling flexible management of roles and access rights.

Operating Cloud Infrastructure with the Meshportal

Cross-cloud governance model

The Meshportal is a governance metalayer that lies on top of the connected cloud platforms. It provides a consistent overview on the use of cloud resources that are administered from the Meshportal.

Access rights and quota can centrally be configured on the platform and will automatically be replicated to all underlying platforms.

A Meshproject in the portal gathers all resources that belong together across platforms and locations. That enables you to be aware of access rights on the systems. You can flexibly grant or retrieve access rights in order to ensure safety and transparency in regard to privacy.

Users get single-sign-on access to the portal to access all projects and resources - across locations and technologies.

Decentralized cloud management

The Meshportal lets your employees book cloud services at any time while considering quota settings on division or project level. New users can be invited to and removed from projects by project administrators. Existing local directories can be connected for an efficient onboarding process of your employees.

While adding administrative functionalities, the Meshportal provides direct access to the native cloud-platform APIs (e.g. the Cloud Foundry or OpenStack API). This allows you to use platform specific tools, such as command-line tools without any changes.

Auto-administration of cloud platforms

The Meshportal automatically replicates project, quota, and user settings into the connected cloud platforms. It translates configurations to the target platforms and makes use of platform-specific control structures. This ensures that technical configurations are consistent with the state specified in the Meshportal.

Openstack and Cloud Foundry are integrated by default. However, we can integrate further platforms on-demand.

Quota Replication

Consistent user interface - the Meshpanel

The Meshportal includes a modular user interface that integrates all offered cloud services. The web interface is based on state-of-the-art web technologies and is easy to use. You can orchestrate OpenStack resources and Cloud Foundry apps from the Meshpanel. Furthermore additional sevices can be added and functionally integrated (SSO, Project Management, Billing, etc.). The underlying APIs can directly be accessed.

An overview of additional Features

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