Do you know how much your Multi-Cloud costs?

Meshcloud offers full transparency of cloud costs across all your platforms and locations.

Aggregate your cloud costs on a single platform – regardless if you're running a private, public or hybrid cloud setup

Cost control is a big challenge when it comes to Multi-Cloud environments. With Meshcloud, we help you solve the following questions:

  • How is the utilization of my current cloud platforms?
  • How are cloud costs mapped to ongoing projects?
  • Which is the most efficient environment for new applications?
  • How will my cloud costs evolve in the future?


Step 1: Gain cost transparency, Step 2: Reduce your cloud spending

Put shadow IT and orphaned cloud resources behind you and get in control of your cloud costs. Meshcloud helps you to collect all the information you need to track down your cloud spending and start optimizing. By aggregating cloud costs per project, you break up platform silos (OpenStack cost, Cloud Foundry cost, AWS cost, etc.) and allocate the costs across platforms and locations where they belong.

Optimize your cloud spending using Meshcloud

Consolidated billing and accounting of cloud resources

The Meshportal includes a billing component that is applicable to internal allocation as well as external cost comparisons. It measures resource usage within the integrated platforms. Prices are defined in a service catalog and all costs are aggregated on a project-level and can be exported as PDF.

Set quotas to manage costs efficiently

To manage cost efficiently you can set project quotas and let your teams work within a limited resource pool.

Define private cloud prices flexibly

While public cloud pricing is a given, prices for private cloud resources have to be defined first, in order to be able to track resource usage and optimize cost. Based on a service catalog that comprises all the services available in your private cloud environment, such as Openstack, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes or custom services, Meshcloud helps you to flexibly define your pricing model.

Get API access for further integration

Integration is our business. The Meshcloud platform is entirely API driven. Access our billing API to automatically retrieve all the information you need and further process it in your custom systems like SAP or others.

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