Detect Zombie Workloads & Reduce Your Cloud Cost 

Free your developers from manually browsing their cloud resources to detect unused workloads.

The meshIndex provides a complete overview of all your cloud workloads. It continuously scans for state changes and tracks workload activity over time. Custom reports indicate workload activity levels and let you find forgotten workloads or inactive cloud tenants at a glance.

Browse Your Workloads Across Private & Public Clouds

Search & filter your workloads by cloud tenant, name, resource type, location or underlying platform.

Receive Alerts When Resources Are Stalled Or Cloud Tenants Inactive

See historic activity levels of your workloads and cloud tenants based on a state timeline.

Delete Unused Zombie Workloads & Tenants

Set up automated deletion routines to reduce your cloud cost by deleting unused workloads.

Feature List

Cost Reduction

  • Daily Reports
  • Custom Alerts
  • Workload Deletion Routines
  • Workload Tagging
  • Automatic Cloud Tenant Deactivation
Platform Support
  • AWS Support
  • Azure Support
  • OpenStack Support
  • Cloud Foundry Support
  • Kubernetes Support
  • OpenShift Support
  • Custom Service Integration via Open Service Broker API (OSB)

User Management

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Flexible Role- and Permission Management
  • Quota Definition
  • SSO
  • Invite Function

Cost Reduction

The ease of provisioning cloud resources has changed the way applications are developed. Test- or production environments can be set up within minutes. And while this freedom helps developers to build new applications faster, it is hard to control if all resources are active and in use. meshcloud provides you with a list of all running workloads with their activity level and helps you identify unused resources to reduce your cloud cost.

Full Transparency

Transparency has become a big challenge with the rise of multi-cloud-environments. Infrastructure is often spread across private datacenters and various public cloud providers. Keeping track of all existing resources is hard without additional tooling. meshcloud integrates your private and public cloud platforms and gives you an overview of your entire IT infrastructure and an activity timeline.


Living in the multi-cloud age, an exhaustive list of your running workloads may be helpful, but still hard to handle. meshcloud offers search functionality that helps you find the resources you are looking for across private and public cloud platforms. Easily search or filter by name, resource type or platform.

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