Create seamless workflows to tackle Multi-Cloud-Complexity

meshcloud connects different cloud platforms to a single layer of governance. The platform enables seamless orchestration of multi-clouds for private, public or hybrid clouds. We help companies implement their multi-cloud-strategy to avoid vendor lock-in without losing efficiency.

Dissolve bottlenecks caused by inefficient processes

Prevent security breaches and shadow IT

Get transparency to control your cloud spendings

We live in a Multi-Cloud World

More than 80% of the companies follow a Multi-Cloud strategy. Reasons vary from having a best-of-breed approach for different types of cloud workloads, developer preferences or the avoidance vendor lock-in. However, the use of multiple cloud platforms across the organization increases complexity on the administrative side. Identity and access management, permission management and compliance as well as metering and billing have to be handled consistently to improve software delivery performance and security of cloud environments.

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Customers about meshcloud

meshcloud offers us a fully integrated infrastructure allowing us to achieve targets quickly with containers on PaaS basis but also to use IaaS flexibly when needed. At the same time, we are able to manage our entire infrastructure via a single user interface.

Using multiple cloud locations is essential to us in order to spread our applications as well as our risks. By using meshcloud the complexity of managing multiple environments stays the same. That helps us to accelerate deployment processes and facilitates administration without reinventing the wheel.

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