Multi-Cloud Management with meshcloud
Build cloud-native applications fast, efficiently and in compliance to security regulations.

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Your Solution for Multi-Cloud Management

One platform to manage all your clouds, the cloud-native way

Do you use different cloud infrastructure platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes or OpenShift? meshcloud helps you to manage cloud access, users and projects across platforms and locations. Via self-service, users can easily access the different cloud platforms and use their preferred environment to work. At the same time, we provide secure landing zones to fulfill compliance rules. meshcloud makes multi-cloud management easier and more secure.

Multi-Cloud Management – fast, secure and cost efficient

Developer Productivity

By providing easy and secure cloud access, developers have more time to focus on their core business: to ship new features.

Cloud Tenant Management

Create new cloud accounts automatically and enforce a consistent configuration.

Security & Compliance

Provide secure cloud environments for new applications with just one click and keep them up to date.

Billing & Cost Management

Keep an overview on all your cloud costs in a multi-cloud environment.

We live in a Multi-Cloud World

More than 80% of the companies follow a Multi-Cloud strategy. Reasons vary from having a best-of-breed approach for different types of cloud workloads, developer preferences or the avoidance vendor lock-in. However, the use of multiple cloud platforms across the organization increases complexity on the administrative side. Identity and access management, policies and compliance as well as metering and billing have to be handled consistently to improve software delivery performance and security of cloud environments.

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