Gain Cost Transparency In Your Multi-Cloud

Implement a sustainable hybrid or private cloud strategy based on real usage data.

Private Cloud Metering & Billing 

The meshBilling engine collects detailed usage information from all your cloud platforms. Define cross-cloud projects to consolidate all costs related to each of your applications. This way you create cost consciousness and let your teams see the cost associated with their actions.

Measure your private cloud usage

Granular usage overview for OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Kubernetes and more.

Create an indivual cloud service catalog

Flexible price definition for all private cloud resources including surcharges and discounts.

Map your cloud costs to your applications

Cross-cloud cost overview for every project.

Feature List


  • Invoice Creation (PDF, csv)
  • Different Payment Methods (Credit Card, Invoice, Debit)
  • API Access
  • Analytics
  • Third Party System Integration (e.g. SAP)
Platform Support
  • AWS Support
  • Azure Support
  • OpenStack Support
  • Cloud Foundry Support
  • Kubernetes Support
  • OpenShift Support
  • Custom Service Integration via Open Service Broker API (OSB)

User Management

  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Flexible Role- and Permission Management
  • Quota Definition
  • SSO
  • Invite Function

Gain Transparency & Cost Control In Your Private Cloud

Optimize Cloud Costs By Data-Driven Workload Allocation

Foster Efficient Resource Handling Among Your Development Teams

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