IaaS - with OpenStack from Germany

Meshcloud is a high performing and scalable cloud platform from Germany. Based on the open-source technology OpenStack, we offer various infrastructure services in multiple German data centers.

You can create and manage cloud resources conveniently in self-service. In addition to that, you are able to access the native OpenStack API through the OpenStack CLI. Via this access, you have the possibility to create resources automatically with Heat scripts (infrastructure as code).

Cloud resources are billed on an hourly basis. You can halt cloud resources at any point in time and  resume operations at a later point in time.


Overview of our IaaS services


Create virtual machines (instances) and manage them on our Meshpanel or via CLI access. Choose from one of our flavors covering a large number of use cases.

Flavor Category Flavor vCPU (Cores) vRAM (GB) vHDD (GB)
Universal gp1.tiny 1 1 20
gp1.small 1 2 20
gp1.medium 2 2 40
gp1.large 2 4 40
gp1.xlarge 4 8 60
CPU-bound cb1.tiny 2 1 20
cb1.small 2 2 20
cb1.medium 4 2 40
cb1.large 4 4 40
cb1.xlarge 8 8 60
Memory-bound mb1.tiny 1 2 20
mb1.small 1 4 20
mb1.medium 2 4 40
mb1.large 2 8 40
mb1.xlarge 4 16 60

The Meshcloud Compute Service is based on OpenStack Nova. See all pricing information here.


The following images are available for creating instances:

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu Xenial
  • CirrOS

Similarly, you also have the possibility to upload your own images for your instances. Our image service is based on OpenStack Glance.


With the help of our network services, you can build up flexible network topologies for your cloud resources.

  • Networks: Create local networks (layer 2) in order to connect separate components (VMs) with each other.
  • Subnets: Configure subnets (layer 3) into your existing networks.
  • Router: Use routers as access points to other networks or the internet.
  • Floating-IPs:  Provision floating IPs to access your instances from outside the cloud (from the internet).
  • Security Groups: With the help of security groups, you can create groups of firewall rules in order to reliably control access to your resources.

Block Storage

Create storage volumes of any size that are independent from the life cycle of your instances. Connect them flexibly with instances. The security of your data is of great importance to us and that is why they are exclusively stored in Germany. We replicate each of your volumes three times. Additionally, you are granted the possibility to create snapshots and store them in a different location at any point in time. Our blockstorage service is based on OpenStack Cinder.

Object Storage

Our Object Storage Service allows you to store large quantities of objects, so-called BLOBs (Binary Large OBjects). These can be pictures, audio or multi-media objects. The object storage is scalable, secure and highly available. All objects are replicated three times and distributed to different hosts. For this reason, this service is excellent for storing backups of virtual machines, databases and physical enterprise servers.


Reduce your administrative work with the Meshcloud Platform. With Meshcloud, you manage your cloud resources conveniently on the Meshpanel or directly via the CLI, no matter if you are using IaaS or PaaS. Create projects in which you can manage your resources from IaaS to PaaS across multiple locations. In this way, everything that belongs to together is kept together. Our flexible user management enables you to determine which users of an enterprise are granted access to which projects.

Give it a try now

Register for free and receive a free trial for one month. In addition to our OpenStack offer, our Cloud Foundry resources (PaaS) will be also available to you.