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Multi-Cloud Management for Open Source Platforms

Are you using Open Source platforms such as OpenStack, Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes? Meshportal manages permissions, users and projects across platforms and locations. Users get frictionless access to cloud services thanks to the self-service portal, while compliance will be ensured at the same time. Meshportal enables fast and easy multi-cloud management.

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Our Cloud Services

Meshcloud is the ideal platform to quickly deploy your applications. Our full-stack solution represents a flexible toolset for the development of cloud-native applications. We offer both, traditional IaaS resources as well as a modern container-based runtime. The platform is based on the open-source technologies: OpenStack, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry


Provision virtual machines, fast, scalable and automated.

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Store your data safely within Europe in our block- and object storage.

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Application Runtime

Deploy your Apps within minutes with buildpacks for Java, node.js, Go, PHP, Python and others.

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Container Runtime

Provision your Kubernetes cluster on-demand.
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Create flexible and secure network topologies for your infrastructure.

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Cloud Automation

Automate your infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code.

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Data Services

Get managed databases and message queues on-demand.

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Backup Service

Backup your data across multiple locations.

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Your Meshcloud Benefits

With our pay-per-use billing model you control your cost. Only pay for resources that you actually use.

Multi-Cloud by nature
The Meshcloud Federation connects European datacenters to a true multi-cloud. Our user interface, the Meshpanel enables you to manage your cloud resources across all different locations.

Open Source Cloud
The use of open-source technologies prevents you from vendor lock-in to proprietary technologies. Supported by a great community the technologies used by Meshcloud keep your investments secure.

European Privacy Laws
We care about your data. The datacenters of the Meshcloud federations are all located within the European Union and are subject to European data protection.

Customers about Meshcloud

Meshcloud offers us a fully integrated infrastructure allowing us to achieve targets quickly with containers on PaaS basis but also to use IaaS flexibly when needed. At the same time, we are able to manage our entire infrastructure via a single user interface.

It is very important for us to be able to use multiple cloud locations in order to spread our applications and distribute risks. Together with Meshcloud, we can use the same technological environment at each location. This speeds up deployment processes and simplifies administration as we only have to invent the wheel once.

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Here is our Step-by-Step Guide to deploying your first app to Cloud Foundry.

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