Best practice for cloud security

meshStack offers unique features for secure operation of public and private clouds

A locker

Security in the cloud

Tagging, landing zones, policies - consistent, by default

Comprehensive cloud governance must include cloud security and cloud compliance requirements at its core. At the same time, it should give freedom and autonomy to the application teams in your company. To help you build such cloud compliance, meshStack offers a wide range of cloud security and cloud compliance capabilities.

Cloud Landing Zones

Security and Compliance by Design

Implement a consistent security foundation to prevent security breaches so your application teams can build on a secure foundation. meshStack’s cloud landing zone capabilities enable enterprises to securely configure cloud tenants (e.g. AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions, GCP Projects) according to centrally defined security and compliance requirements before they are even used.

Landing Zone on a building

Cloud tagging

Consistent and comprehensive cloud tagging

Multi-cloud tagging is an indispensable tool when it comes to establishing comprehensive cloud governance in your organization. Tags let you capture metadata about your cloud applications and environments in a structured way. This benefits not only cloud compliance and the security settings of your cloud environments, but also other areas such as tenant management or billing.

Compliance using cloud policies

Compliance-conform cloud environments - for every use case

  • Integrate organizational compliance requirements into your cloud governance workflows to achieve greater standardization
  • Automate compliance requirements to accelerate application time-to-market
  • Provide your application teams with an intuitive user interface to efficiently deploy compliant cloud-native applications

The three principles of meshStack

The perfect balance between agility and control


By automating security and compliance requirements in the cloud, you reduce the burden on your application teams and accelerate time-to-market for applications while maintaining a consistent security foundation.


Instead of correcting misconfigurations that have already occurred, provide your application teams with securely configured and properly documented cloud environments to prevent misconfigurations from the start.


With our desired-state approach, you can not only create compliant cloud environments, but also achieve persistent policy compliance and avoid configuration deviations down the road.

Further advantages of meshStack

Integration of external approval processes

meshStack offers externally available interfaces to seamlessly integrate systems responsible for approval processes (ServiceNow, ITSM systems) and meshStack.

Enforcement of naming schemes

meshStack provides the ability to enforce standards for project naming and create cloud tenants according to a global naming scheme (depending on platform capabilities)

4-eyes principle

When assigning authorization roles on meshProjects, two independent confirmations by administrators are optionally required. For pending approvals, meshStack sends emails to the people to be approved.

Multi-cloud policies

By defining multi-cloud policies, organizational specifications can be ensured in multi-cloud projects. The defined policies can include and restrict the assignment of users and user groups as well as the use of landing zones.

Discover more advantages of meshStack

Set up for one cloud - use with all clouds

With meshStack, multiple cloud platform integrations are eliminated. Once set up for one cloud, you can add more cloud platforms for the enterprise with just a few clicks. Instead of cloud silos with months-long integration projects, you get an integrated control center for your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Azure Cloud Foundry Google Cloud Kubernetes Openshift Openstack

A hand full of cloud platforms.

Fast implementation

Thanks to our SaaS model, implementation in your IT landscape takes place in the shortest possible time.

Excellent support

Our experienced Customer Success team is on hand to ensure your Cloud Journey is successful.

100% customer satisfaction

Our customers rely permanently on meshStack for their successful cloud journey.

Weekly updates

meshStack is constantly being developed further and regularly receives new functions.

Made in Germany

meshStack is also suitable for operation in highly regulated environments, such as in the financial or infrastructure sectors, thanks to its extensive compliance support. meshcloud is ISO27001 certified.

Well documented

meshStack has detailed documentation for onboarding, configuration and operation. In the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM) we show best practices for the Cloud Journey.

Multiple awards & certifications