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meshStack simplifies IAM in single or multi-cloud environments

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IAM for AWS, Azure, GCP & co.

Multi Cloud IAM - One of the first steps in the Cloud Foundation

Clean management of identities and permissions in the environment of cloud providers such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform is an integral element of a compliant (multi-)cloud strategy. meshcloud provides a simple and secure solution for managing users and permissions across all the cloud platforms you have in use.

The right IAM architecture is crucial

The bridge between existing identity management systems and the cloud

We integrate flexibly with your existing and established identity management systems. To do this, we work with you to develop a cloud IAM architecture that addresses the specific needs of your organization, considers regulatory requirements of your industry, and provides your application teams with a cloud-native onboarding experience for platforms such as AWS, Azure, and GCP.

One click to all clouds
  • Multi-cloud SSO
  • Self-Service User Interface
  • Integration with existing solutions (AD, LDAP, etc.)
  • RBAC (Role-based Access Management)
  • Integrated approval workflows (4-eyes principle)
  • Central control of cloud access rights
  • Auditable access logs
  • IAM integrations to AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry are integral elements of the product
  • Recertification processes integrated
  • Simple, API-driven import of user groups
  • External access: "Partners" can create customer accounts for others and take over administrative tasks
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Cloud-native tooling meets enterprise IAM

Challenges with Cloud IAM

From developer onboarding to long-term management of user and permission lifecycles, managing access to cloud infrastructure is complex and security-critical. Authorizations should be granted as sparingly as possible (principle of least privilege) to reduce security risks. At the same time, you don’t want to limit the productivity of developers due to a lack of access rights. A simple and transparent process for assigning access rights is therefore essential.

Further advantages of meshStack


Conveniently assign and revoke permissions for all cloud platforms via self-service

Faster cloud onboarding

Replace tedious approval processes with cloud-native self-service approaches to accelerate your cloud onboarding

User Lifecycle Integration

Connect your cloud permissions to the central user lifecycle according to SCIM standard to prevent the emergence of unwanted "zombie" users in active cloud environments


Avoid shadow IT through a central and transparent overview of all cloud users and projects


Benefit from our experience in the multi-cloud environment and balance agility and control optimally - with cloud-native processes that meet your compliance requirements

Automated IAM

Define once, use everywhere. Leverage existing IAM groups and assign permissions to specific cloud tenants without manual effort

Use Case

Cloud onboarding with meshStack

1. Tom is Application Team Lead. He registers the new product, which his team is developing on the meshcloud platform.

2. He invites his development team, which is notified by e-mail.

3. The team creates cross-cloud meshProjects centrally. Access and costs are managed here.

4. Developers get direct cloud access and can start development.

Best Practice for Multi Cloud IAM

How IAM works with meshStack

One identity across all cloud platforms

Control identities and access rights centrally via the meshcloud platform. This reduces the complexity of your cloud environment and increases control and auditability.

Integration with local identity provider

You can integrate one or more identity providers (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.) with meshStack to leverage identities from multiple sources and manage access to the connected clouds.

Multi-Cloud Single Sign-On (SSO)

After logging in to the meshcloud platform, developers get directly into the cloud tenants of the connected cloud platforms with one click and can use their native tools.

Discover more advantages of meshStack

Set up for one cloud - use with all clouds

With meshStack, multiple cloud platform integrations are eliminated. Once set up for one cloud, you can add more cloud platforms for the enterprise with just a few clicks. Instead of cloud silos with months-long integration projects, you get an integrated control center for your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Azure Cloud Foundry Google Cloud Kubernetes Openshift Openstack

A hand full of cloud platforms.

Fast implementation

Thanks to our SaaS model, implementation in your IT landscape takes place in the shortest possible time.

Excellent support

Our experienced Customer Success team is on hand to ensure your Cloud Journey is successful.

100% customer satisfaction

Our customers rely permanently on meshStack for their successful cloud journey.

Weekly updates

meshStack is constantly being developed further and regularly receives new functions.

Made in Germany

meshStack is also suitable for operation in highly regulated environments, such as in the financial or infrastructure sectors, thanks to its extensive compliance support. meshcloud is ISO27001 certified.

Well documented

meshStack has detailed documentation for onboarding, configuration and operation. In the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM) we show best practices for the Cloud Journey.

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