Technology – Open Standard

With OpenStack (IaaS) and Cloud Foundry (PaaS), we offer leading-edge open-source cloud technology. Both platforms are driven by a strong community and have proven to be effective in big cloud deployments. A great advantage of these platforms are open APIs that prevent you from vendor lock-in and prepare you for a hybrid cloud strategy.

Dense Provider Network

Our multi-cloud federates data centers across the globe, with a focus on Europe. Multiple data center locations allow you to store your data in a data center close to your premises or distribute them geographically. With a variety of data centers within Germany, you are able to build a local and yet decentralized infrastructure that embraces German security and privacy regulations. Certain applications, such as IoT-applications, require low latencies. With Meshcloud, shorter distances to or between data centers can help to improve latency. In case you want to change your service provider, Meshcloud allows you to do so without technological switching costs.

The Hybrid Cloud Scenario

Optimal Capacity Utilization

On-premise solution or public cloud? With a hybrid cloud infrastructure you combine the best of both worlds. For example, you can cover temporary peaks in demand with a scale-out to our public cloud and size your on-premise capacities to your average utilization instead of peak demand.

Comprehensive Technology

With our hybrid cloud solution, your on-premise data center runs the same technology as our public cloud. Same technology, same tools, same know-how. This enables you to flexibly shift your applications between private and public cloud.

Single User Interface

With our integrated user interface you save time as you manage all your cloud activities in the same place, including consumption overview and consolidated billing.

OpenStack private cloud from Germany

Market Transparency

Access the Meshcloud platform through a single sign-on access point. Consistent and comparable cloud products give you an overview of our providers' services. The additional performance benchmarking ensures you compare apples to apples. The integrated "Billing Engine" gives you full control of costs, also across multiple providers.

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With our Meshstarter-offer amounting to 300€ you get:


4 service brokers

in two cloud locations in Germany

1 month for free