Events are a great way to meet new people that are interested in technology, exchange opionions, get feedback and start joint projects.

Looking for a speaker for your event?

Our founders and employees are practiced speakers with years of experience in the cloud-native world. These are a couple of topics that we have covered so far.

  • Cloud Foundry Basics
  • Docker in Cloud Foundry
  • DevOps with Cloud Foundry
  • Concourse CI for the Cloud
  • Angular 2 – A Story from the Trenches
  • Multi-Cloud as a viable alternative for IT business
  • Cloud solutions for companies: opportunities, risks and providing
  • The Seamless Hybrid Cloud
  • Manage IaaS & Paas Big Data Workloads in the Cloud

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Upcoming events

AUFSCHWUNG-Messe Frankfurt

February 28th, Frankfurt
Christina is going to be in a panel session discussing financial support for startups in Germany.
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CeBIT 2018

June 11th, Hannover
We are excited to have a booth at the "new" CeBIT.
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OpenStack Summit 2018

November 13th, Berlin
The OpenStack community is meeting in Germany. Of course we can't miss this.
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Previous events

JUG Meetup Mainz

January 24th in Mainz
Our speakers Johannes Rudolph and Stefan Tomm present JSR-363 Units of Measurement API in Practice and JHipster.
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Hub Night Darmstadt

January 23d in Darmstadt
There will be lots of networking going on.
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