What is Continuous Integration?

Continuous integration (or continuous development) is a software deployment method working with an automated pipeline in order to deploy code more quickly and easily. Instead of publishing fewer but therefore larger updates, this method implements many small updates on a daily basis.

What are the Advantages of Continuous Integration?

Short releasing times

Save money and time by reacting quicker to bugs, trends as well as customer feedback and provide new functions earlier.

High-quality code

Eliminate bugs before larger complications arise by automated, frequent testing.

More transparency

Profit from a more transparent pipeline process that can be customized to your communication preferences and individual standards.

How does Continuous Integration work?

Each member of a developer team can check out different parts of the code, edit them and put them through the automated continuous integration pipeline by committing their changes. The pieces of code now have to complete the following steps:

  1. Testing phase - The code is tested in a clone of the production environment
  2. Deployment - The code is automatically deployed on all servers
  3. Communication - The status of the changes is reported to the developer team

Continuous Integration with Meshcloud

At Meshcloud, we rely on the open-source continuous integration system Concourse . Due to its container architecture, Concourse is very flexible and can be scaled or even moved to a new server with ease. Read our blog post about how to deploy Concourse with Docker in OpenStack.

Open-Source-Cloud: Concourse Pipeline

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