With our partnerships we want to create an ideal environment for your successful cloud journeys: From consulting to development and implementation.


Liquid Reply

Liquid Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in Container Orchestration, Cloud Native Development and FinOps. The team focuses on multi- and hybrid cloud solutions, site reliability engineering and operational enablement. As a development partner, Liquid Reply strengthens an enterprise-wide cloud-based culture and helps companies embrace the ever-changing IT universe as part of their own DNA. The team ensures full cloud-native potential by providing a holistic approach to people, systems, and multi- and hybrid-cloud strategies.



As a companion and partner, we help companies to make real innovative leaps through the intelligent use of cloud, outsourcing, and Big Data & AI, and to position themselves permanently for the future. microfin has been cooperating with meshcloud since 2020. We bring together strategic, technical-organizational and cultural requirements in cloud foundations and support their implementation. With consulting, solutions and knowledge building, microfin empowers people to shape transformations in IT. Driven by enabling transformation