1 Hour Express Webinar

June 26 | 9 – 10am (CEST) | online via Teams

How to Integrate
and Set Standards
for Internal Platform Teams

You’re responsible for central cloud management, for security standards and cost management. With teams building platforms on top of your cloud. For example a DevOps toolchain team or an AI platform team. Join the webinar and learn how to make sure they follow the standards without hurting their autonomy!


Webinar with Christina Kraus

What we’ll cover in the webinar:

  • Customization techniques for a data science workbench
  • Real-world example of a successful Digital Product Platform integration
  • Self-service resource provisioning with integrated chargeback and guardrails
  • Landing zone rollout for streamlined operations and enhanced security

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Cloud Architects, Engineers and Teams
  • IT Governance Managers
  • CTOs and CIOs
  • Platform Teams
  • DevOps Leaders
  • Anyone involved in cloud platform management & governance

"Learn how to build a federated cloud landscape for speed or innovation - this webinar will show you how."

Christina Kraus

From Duplication to Optimization: Why The Ability to Integrate Platforms is Essential

In the digital enterprise, providing cloud services for digital products and operations becomes key. Be it the mobile app for your customers or the data warehouse for your business analysts. There is a lot of different use cases and requirements to satisfy and your central cloud team’s capacity is limited. It’s just too much to dive into everyone’s use case.

Platform Integration Schematic

Building Specialized Platforms to Serve Each Use-Case

A common approach is that specialized teams build specialized platforms on top of hyperscalers like Azure, AWS or Google. One team creates e.g. an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) for their application development and another a Data Science Workbench for data analysts. A third one simply delivers virtual machines from the cloud for lift&shift of legacy workloads.

The Challenge: Everybody is Doing What They Want

The dilemma is: Either you restrict cloud access to the services you explicitly allow and stay on the back of the platform teams. Or you risk everybody is doing things they should not do. Is everyone really following up on their security responsibilities? It’s hard to track and hard to know.

You would like to set certain common basic standards for security and monitor the critical actions. Everything else would be the responsibility of the platform teams. They keep their autonomy about their platform.

Thus your digital business can scale for every use case and you can focus on implementing the guardrails of general security standards.

Learn How to Create Federated Cloud Landscapes And Solve This Challenge

Christina Kraus
CRO & webinar host

Christina Kraus is co-founder of meshcloud and host of this webinar. Helping companies like Volkswagen and Commerzbank build successful federated cloud landscapes is her daily business.

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