1 Hour Express Webinar

June 25 | 9 – 10am (CEST) | online via Teams

Seamless GitOps:
IaC Provisioning as
Easy as Online Shopping

You’ve implemented GitOps to drive automation and efficiency.
A rising number of service requests and faulty inputs show that the users are not fully on board. This not only impacts operational efficiency but also affects the perceived value of your efforts.

Register for our express webinar and find out how you can bridge the gap between what you’ve built and the usability requirements of the application teams.


GitOps Webinar with Felix Zieger

This Webinar Covers:

  • The ‘Make vs. Buy’ decision
  • The options on the market
  • Real-life user stories
  • Demo of an all-in-one platform

Who Should Attend?

  • Platform Engineers
  • Platform Teams
  • DevOps Managers
  • Technical Leads
  • Infrastructure Arch

" You’re doing GitOps, GREAT!  But the value of your internal platform is not visible and the application teams don’t know how to use it? This webinar is for you!"

Why GitOps Isn’t Reaching Its Full Potential in Many Organizations

In many organizations, the internal platform team implements GitOps practices to enhance efficiency and control in infrastructure management. However, a significant disconnect often arises when it comes to the usability and adoption of these GitOps practices by the application teams. Despite the potential benefits, the application teams frequently find the platform either too complex or not intuitive, leading to underutilization and resistance to adoption. This gap stems primarily from a lack of user-friendly interfaces and adequate training or documentation, which makes it challenging for application teams to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. As a result, the efficiency gains offered by standardized IaC modules are dwarfed by the inefficiency of the platform team being in the loop for every change request, impeding overall productivity and innovation within the organization.

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How the Best Teams Deliver

Infrastructure Services

Intuitive User Interface to consume Cloud Services

Flexible API to build with Infrastructure as Code

Built-In Cost Management, Compliance and Security

Learn How to Make IaC Provisioning as Easy as Online Shopping! — Register Now!

Felix Zieger

Cloud Engineer & Webinar Host

Felix Zieger is a seasoned Cloud Engineer at meshcloud and lead of our Customer Success team. He’s successfully guided large companies through their challenges of implementing efficient and user-friendly platforms.

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