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Our meshcloud workshops

Learn more about the latest approaches to cloud governance, find out how to efficiently secure and manage complex multi-cloud environments.

In our series of webinars, you have the chance to get to know meshcloud and take away interesting impulses for the implementation of your cloud strategy. In the one-hour sessions, we will address various aspects of cloud governance, from the general strategic approach to the technical implementation of a comprehensive cloud security concept.

We are pleased to take you with this format into the world of cloud-native organizations.

Christina Kraus

Looking for a speaker for your cloud event?

Our founders and staff are skilled speakers with years of experience in the cloud-native world. These are some of the topics we have covered in our Talks so far:

  • Avoiding vendor lock-in in a highly concentrated cloud market
  • The importance of identity in multi-cloud management
  • Cloud-native Organization - Getting ready for cloud-native development
  • Effective management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments
  • Agility vs. control: The right path to multi-cloud management
  • Multi-cloud management - make or buy?