Cloud Foundry is an open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. As it evolved to an industry standard, there is a great community that supports and develops Cloud Foundry. It offers all traditional PaaS functionalities and enables you to run applications developed in various runtime environments (e.g. Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Go, Node.js, .NET) within minutes. Automated application deployment and modern features for container orchestration let you focus on your application development rather than your infrastructure.

Our cloud solution is based on OpenStack and Cloud Foundry

Our Services

Apart from facilitating application deployment drastically, Cloud Foundry offers persistent services through its marketplace. These services can be databases, message queues and other third-party services. With Cloud Foundry you can easily provision service resources and bind them to your applications. We currently offer the following services but this list will be constantly extended.








Work in progress:

CouchDB, Neo4j, Kafka

Something missing? Suggest a new service.

Are you looking for additional services that we do not offer yet? Tell us about it and we will consider them in our future development.

Locations in Germany

Within the Meshstack we offer Cloud Foundry hosted in various locations in Germany. Run your applications in a trusted location to benefit from strong European privacy regulations. We currently offer Cloud Foundry in the following locations: