90% fewer service requests for your platform team when deploying IONOS

Let's go! No more waiting times for your application teams

Solving cloud challenges more easily with IONOS & meshStack

Always keep track of IONOS adoption and costs

Expand your cloud portfolio with IONOS

Why offer IONOS in self-service?

IONOS enables you to configure a virtual data center. Provide these capabilities to your application teams with IONOS as a platform service.

Nothing stands in the way of the efficient configuration of your company IT in the public cloud.

With meshStack, you can provide these capabilities as a service with minimal effort. This saves you time and money.

How to integrate & provision IONOS?

Benefit from the power-up for your service catalog: With meshStack, you can easily and transparently integrate IONOS as a service.

Thanks to meshStack’s intuitive user interface, provisioning in the IONOS self-service is child’s play.

Reduce internal service requests by up to 90% and provide your application teams with services such as IONOS and many more without waiting.

This is how it works: Integrate IONOS into your multi-cloud landscape

Step 1: As the platform team, you can easily integrate IONOS into your central service catalog

Step 2: Your application teams can provision IONOS VDCs via self-service

Optimized cloud management with meshStack

Provide standardized platform services, such as terraform modules for Azure subnets, in a central service catalog.

  • Self-service onboarding for application teams
  • Provision of frequently used platform services via the service catalog
  • Automated billing and cost management


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FAQ - IONOS in self-service

IONOS offers virtual data center services that help companies manage their IT infrastructure in the cloud. The IONOS Virtual Data Center enables companies to configure and manage virtual machines (VMs), networks and storage resources as required.

meshStack supports platform engineers in offering services such as IONOS to their application teams – without any complex coding effort.

  • Save time and resources when provisioning IONOS
  • High degree of standardization
  • No more waiting time when provisioning IONOS
  • Maximum transparency about platform services used
  • Automated billing and cost management

A virtual data center (VDC) is a cloud computing environment that provides virtual resources such as virtual machines (VMs), networks and storage. Virtual data centers play a crucial role in cloud infrastructure as they enable companies to use their IT resources more efficiently, scale flexibly and optimize operations.