Extend the capabilities of the AWS Cloud

meshStack enables the use of AWS with minimal staffing effort

AWS in meshStack

(Multi-)Cloud Governance for AWS

AWS implementation in minutes

With meshStack, application teams create AWS accounts themselves in minutes, secured by centrally predefined landing zones. At the same time, the team members are invited to the account via meshStack and authorized with the designated roles.

Build on years of cross-industry experience in cloud governance to save time and avoid implementation risks when integrating AWS into your existing IT landscape.

Maximize the productivity of your application teams

Find the right balance between autonomy and control: Your application teams work autonomously and natively in the cloud and can focus on value creation, while the central IT and security department keeps an eye on all cloud activities.

Secure your AWS accounts

Provide your application teams with secured AWS accounts based on your organization's security requirements and automatically connect IT project metadata to AWS security services for full visibility into who is doing what on which project at all times.

AWS Cost: Remove Manual Steps from Cost Management

Easily integrate budgeting, cost monitoring and visibility, showback, and chargeback to get end-to-end billing and cost management for your AWS accounts.

Reduce central IT costs with automated cloud governance

Use meshStack to eliminate routine manual tasks and serve even a rapidly growing demand for AWS across the enterprise with little administrative overhead.

Full Cloud-Native Experience

Start from day 1 with an AWS best practice setup

AWS multi-account setups are the foundation of an AWS Enterprise implementation, but they also add complexity. meshStack integrates native AWS governance and management services for you:

AWS Organizations

AWS Control Tower

AWS Config

AWS Cost Explorer


and much more

Self-Service Account Creation with AWS

Provide product owners, team leaders, or project managers with an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service interface to enable simple AWS account creation and configuration.

More about → Tenant Management

Self-Service Cloud IAM for AWS

Easily manage permissions for your AWS accounts in self-service to achieve the full cloud-native experience and integrate existing structures such as user groups.

More about → Cloud Identity and Access Management

Orchestrate Landing Zones for AWS

With Landing Zones, you define basic security functions and can manage their lifecycle to ensure continuous compliance. For AWS, we integrate flexible features such as StackSets rollout or Lambda functions to secure your account from the start.

More about → Cloud Security and Compliance

Budgeting, invoicing, and cost management for AWS

Assign budgets to cloud projects, keep track of costs, and automate cost allocation to project teams.

More about → Cloud Billing and Cost Management

Centrally Managed Services for AWS

Provide additional infrastructure services to complement cloud-native service offerings with customized services for building the individual application stack.

More about → Service Ecosystem

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  • a short introduction to meshStack and its functions
  • an overview of the look & feel of meshStack
  • An idea of how different cloud stakeholders can interact with each other over it
  • a demonstration of the security, sustainability and ease of implementation that meshStack offers
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Discover more advantages of meshStack

Set up for one cloud - use with all clouds

With meshStack, multiple cloud platform integrations are eliminated. Once set up for one cloud, you can add more cloud platforms for the enterprise with just a few clicks. Instead of cloud silos with months-long integration projects, you get an integrated control center for your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Azure Cloud Foundry Google Cloud Kubernetes Openshift Openstack

A hand full of cloud platforms.

Fast implementation

Thanks to our SaaS model, implementation in your IT landscape takes place in the shortest possible time.

Excellent support

Our experienced Customer Success team is on hand to ensure your Cloud Journey is successful.

100% customer satisfaction

Our customers rely permanently on meshStack for their successful cloud journey.

Weekly updates

meshStack is constantly being developed further and regularly receives new functions.

Made in Germany

meshStack is also suitable for operation in highly regulated environments, such as in the financial or infrastructure sectors, thanks to its extensive compliance support. meshcloud is ISO27001 certified.

Well documented

meshStack has detailed documentation for onboarding, configuration and operation. In the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM) we show best practices for the Cloud Journey.

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