Challenges in cloud transformation

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How do I start my cloud transformation?

No internal accounting of cloud costs

Confusing cloud landscape in the enterprise

Introduction of another cloud platform

Who should be on my cloud team and do what?

Shadow IT in the cloud becomes a problem

Invisible cloud costs

Who owns this cloud account?

High cloud demand, slow deployment

Where are we in our cloud transformation?

I need landing zones

Exploding cloud costs

With the meshcloud Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment, we provide a detailed roadmap for your cloud transformation. The model covers IAM, cost management, security and compliance, tenant management and cloud service ecosystem with over 50 detailed building blocks. With our assessment, these building blocks can be arranged into an individual and concrete roadmap for the organization’s cloud transformation.

meshStack enables 100% internal cost transparency. With accurate showback, this creates cost awareness among application teams. This visibility is a prerequisite for application teams to take responsibility for the costs incurred in their cloud environments.

With meshStack, it is possible to allocate and bill all costs incurred in the public or private cloud according to the source. The pay-per-use cost model of the cloud can thus be optimally managed.

Through consistent tagging, meshStack enables the assignment of all cloud environments to the respective responsible teams and persons at any time. This increases security, compliance and saves costs when unused accounts can be deleted.

With meshStack, all cloud accounts can be managed centrally on one platform. Cost management, security standards enforcement and IAM are thus possible for all cloud platforms and accounts on one platform.

To meet a high demand for cloud resources in the enterprise, meshStack relies on automation. With an end-to-end automated self-service portal for cloud onboarding, secure cloud environments can be provisioned in minutes.

Anyone who has ever introduced a cloud platform into an organization knows the enormous effort involved in basic issues such as identity management and cost management. With meshStack, the effort required for additional cloud platforms is greatly reduced: Overarching issues are solved once and applied to all clouds via the Cloud Foundation platform.

The meshcloud Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment can be used to find out how mature the cloud implementation is in your own organization. How much has been accomplished, what are the gaps, and what’s next? The assessment provides a location determination and detailed roadmap for the cloud strategy.

With the Cloud Foundation Stakeholder Map, all roles and disciplines can be assigned to specific persons. This clarifies the internal organization and clearly assigns responsibilities. This is necessary to be able to implement the company’s cloud strategy in a focused manner.

Landing zones are the foundation for cloud usage in the enterprise. Building landing zones can seem overwhelming. meshcloud provides support for building landing zones and, with meshStack, enables rollout and operations at application teams.

The cloud must be easy and secure to use in the enterprise. With meshStack, a fully automated self-service portal for cloud provisioning can be implemented. Application teams no longer have to go through unofficial channels to get the cloud resources they need to do their jobs.

meshStack enables 100% allocation of costs incurred in the public or private cloud. Internal showback and chargeback create transparency, cost awareness and enable source-based billing. Budget alerts make it easy to manage unexpected costs.