World Office at meshcloud – How we Tackle the Challenge of Remote Onboarding

By Christina Kraus26. April 2022

In the past two years working from home (sometimes with screaming kids in the background) has become the new normal. With decreasing numbers of corona related cases and less risk of getting seriously ill, our office gets busier every now and then again – which is great. We love our live meshBeers on Fridays to start the weekend together 🍻

However, as a company we can understand and we actually even value that everyone has different preferences. That’s why for our meshis it’s up to them whether they want to come to the office, work remotely or work somewhere else, maybe somewhere close to the ocean with some more sun rays during the day ☀️

Being a remote and even World Office friendly company of course also comes with challenges. In today’s blog post I want to disclose how we handle onboarding remotely, in case we have to.

Equipment of choice to get you all set-up

For Starters, our Onboarding doesn’t begin with your First Day of Work, it actually starts once the contract is signed. There are of course a couple of administrative things that need to be done like the enrollment to the payroll for example.

You also need to select your equipment. At meshcloud we offer a list of items that you can choose from (e.g. Laptops from different brands with various configurations) but are always open in case you need anything that you can’t find on the list, like maybe a special mechanical keyboard, monitors or anything else.

Hassle-free Pre-Onboarding for you

You are able to do every administrative task online completely and mostly automated with our HR-Software. So that it is not only really easy but also super quick for you 🏎️

Do you want to empower humans to build a better future? Then we’d love to meet you!

Our HR-Team will keep you up-to-date about your onboarding status and will also give you detailed information on your first day at meshcloud and the upcoming weeks beforehand. Psst! 🤫 A couple of days before your start you will get a suprise meshi-package that’ll help to really get you started for your journey at meshcloud 🎉

Start your meshJourney with an Onboarding-Buddy

On your first day at meshcloud tons of new information is waiting for you. But don’t worry we will try to pack it in small events. There will be various onboarding workshops to our most common used tools lead by different meshis, so that you already have the chance to get to know some people. Also an Onboarding-Buddy will be by your side and will guide you throughout the next weeks 🗨️

Our Game-Changer: The virtual office

To get together in a fun way we recreated our office virtually. With an avatar designed by your choice you can walk around the virtual office, meet colleagues and attend the different Onboarding Workshops. The picture above shows a sneak peek of our Virtual Office – we also have a garden area, if you just need some time to chill 😎

Reaching your next career level is our common goal

Together with your Manager you’ll have regular 1on1 sessions to talk about your onboarding progress, general things that are on your mind and also your personal development. It is our goal to help you reach the next level of your career within 1-1.5 years of being with meshcloud. Therefore the two of you will sit down in the first few weeks and work on a detailed development plan.

For people who do start remotely, they are always invited to come to the office. We are also having regular live team-events and weekly virtual coffee dates, so you’ll be able to meet your new colleagues quickly.

One thing we can promise you – we will give our best to make the Onboarding as smooth as possible. If you want to experience our Onboarding first-hand – apply here.