First paragraphs of the RheinEnergie success story describing the cloud transformation goals of their IT

Cloud Journey Success Story: RheinEnergie

Success Story

Path to Cloud Success: RheinEnergie & meshcloud

This success story describes how RheinEnergie, a leading German utility company, is using meshcloud to shape its cloud transformation.

Hundreds of developers in 40 teams at RheinEnergie use AWS, Azure and Google Cloud – powered by the IT department which was able to build a scalable platform with meshcloud.

Language: English
Target audience: Platform Engineers & Enterprise Architects


First paragraphs of the RheinEnergie success story describing the cloud transformation goals of their IT

Secure cloud environments

Scalable platform to drive cloud transformation

Transparent cloud cost allocation and chargeback
First paragraphs of the RheinEnergie success story describing the cloud transformation goals of their IT

Learn from RheinEnergie's success


  • Background: RheinEnergie, a leading energy service provider in Germany, is confronted with the challenges of a complex energy market amidst the rapid growth of renewable energy sources and decentralized energy production. The goal is to transform IT into a technology driver that enables new technologies across various departments.
  • Challenges:
    1. Utilizing the three hyperscalers Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to provide application teams with the best tech stack and to avoid vendor lock-in.
    2. Controlling cloud costs and reducing the CO2 footprint.
    3. Introducing new technologies while maintaining consistent costs and acting as technology drivers for various departments.
  • Solution: RheinEnergie uses meshStack as their Cloud Foundation Platform to enable key orchestration capabilities such as onboarding, provisioning, and cost management, effortlessly with a small cloud team. This includes:
    1. Establishing a Cloud Competence Center as a central hub for cloud-related topics.
    2. Providing modular landing zones for different business requirements.
    3. Effective cost management with the help of meshStack.
  • Results:
    1. RheinEnergie optimized operations to prepare for a sustainable energy future.
    2. Over 150 cloud users, more than 40 internal application teams, and over 100 cloud projects.
    3. Time-to-cloud was reduced to just a few minutes, enabling rapid deployment and scaling of applications.
    4. With meshStack’s high degree of automation and self-service, RheinEnergie saves valuable time, which they use to further promote cloud adoption.


  • Deep Understanding of Cloud Transformation: The PDF provides an in-depth look into the challenges RheinEnergie faced while navigating a rapidly changing energy market. By downloading and reading the document, readers gain a profound understanding of what a successful cloud transformation looks like and how it can propel a company to the forefront of a dynamic market.
  • Effective Strategies for Cloud Implementation: The document sheds light on the specific solutions and strategies RheinEnergie implemented with the aid of meshStack. This offers readers valuable insights into best practices and solutions they can apply within their own organizations to achieve similar successes and optimize their cloud operations.
  • Insights into Security and Cost Management: Security and cost management are two of the biggest challenges when adopting the cloud. The PDF illustrates how RheinEnergie tackled these challenges using modular landing zones and effective cost management strategies. This provides readers with tangible examples and solutions they can consider in their own cloud strategies.
  • Inspiration from Real Success Stories: Nothing is more convincing than a real success story. The PDF showcases the impressive results RheinEnergie achieved through their cloud strategy, from reducing their time-to-cloud to establishing an internal cloud community.