The meshcloud Way of Work

By Johannes Rudolph4. February 2022

At meshcloud we empower humans to build a better future. When you hear this vision for the first time, you may think it sounds incredibly ambitious and completely intangible at the same time. Yet, we mean and live this in everything that we do. In this post I want to describe how our way of work connects this ambitious vision to our everyday routines. You will learn why we work on cloud foundations, how we go about this and how our work empowers our meshis and our customers to build a better future every day.


We believe that computing is an essential means of production in the 21st century and that cloud computing is the best way to deliver it. meshcloud builds a Cloud Foundation Platform that enables organizations to build on the endless possibilities of the cloud while protecting their digital freedom. Cloud Foundations help organizations deliver cloud environments of any provider and any technology to thousands of teams while staying in control of their infrastructure and reducing complexity. Our platform provides essential cloud foundation capabilities: cloud-native technology access, with cross-platform Identity and Access Management, Tenant Management, Compliance & Security and Cost Management covered.

The challenges that Cloud Foundations solve become most apparent in organizations that are fully committed on cloud transformation and embrace multi-cloud at scale. Consequently, our customers are among the largest organizations in the world and recognized as cloud transformation leaders in their industry.

Building Cloud Foundations is an exciting new challenge. Customer needs are rapidly evolving while organizations discover the challenges imposed by leveraging multi-cloud at scale. In fact, we believe that almost every larger organization will have to discover and solve these challenges within the next 5 years as multi-cloud adoption becomes more ubiquitous. And when that happens, we want them to think of meshcloud to solve them. This insight informs how we work at meshcloud and embrace every customer relationship as an opportunity to learn something new about the best way to build solid Cloud Foundations.

Customer Empathy

If there’s one super-power that we look for in every meshi working in our team it\’s customer empathy.

Customer empathy is understanding the underlying needs and feelings of customers. It goes beyond recognizing and addressing their tactical requirements and puts things into further context by viewing things from their perspective. […] Customer empathy sees users as real people and not just individuals trying to do something. It rounds out customers into whole people, provides a larger context for how products and solutions fit into the much broader ecosystem of their lives, their jobs, and their environment.

For a startup looking to solve an entirely new category of problems, empathy for current and prospect customers is a real super-power. Customer empathy empowers every meshi to

  • iterate faster by collaborating and communicating on customer challenges with more context and deeper understanding
  • drive initiatives more successfully and with higher quality by making better decisions that anticipate customers’ perspectives

This is why we have ingrained customer empathy into our own implementation of an agile way of working.

The meshcloud model: Empowering meshis to build a better future

We embrace people and interactions over tools and processes (Agile Manifesto). That\’s why our way of working is handsomely agile, yet does not fit to any popular method like scrum. Our way of work rests on three pillars

  • We prioritize work using Customer Results: a description of a challenge and desired outcomes that we want to achieve for our customers
  • Customer Result Teams: Cross-functional teams empowered to make all decisions necessary to achieve this outcome
  • Flocks own a functional area of responsibility and its routines – championing cohesion and professional excellence


Working cross-functional by default in teams centered on delivering customer outcomes empowers every meshi to build a close connection and deep understanding of our customers. Of course, building customer empathy requires communication. Whereas purely functional organizations attempt to funnel customer touchpoints through specialized functions like support and customer success, our way of work enables high band-width communication for all functions. Championing customer empathy in this way helps us understand what building a better future means to our customers – and deliver on that mission.

We’ll be sharing more on our way of work in the future and we would love to see you here again.

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