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GreenOps: Managing the Carbon Footprint of your Cloud Landscape

GreenOps is a practice that enhances existing FinOps principles, empowering organizations and cloud teams to take ownership of their carbon emissions and diminish their IT operations’ contribution to Climate Change.

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Target Group: Platform Engineers & Enterprise Architects

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Cover GreenOps Whitepaper: Managing the Carbon Footprint of Your Cloud Landscape

How to manage the C02 footprint of the cloud landscape?

How to implement a carbon footprint reporting?

How are GreenOps and FinOps principles connected?
Cover GreenOps Whitepaper: Managing the Carbon Footprint of Your Cloud Landscape

What is GreenOps?


Showback and Chargeback are familiar terms from financial stewardship in the cloud. These principles foster cost transparency and source-based billing, which are utilized in the FinOps methodology throughout three phases: Inform, Optimize, and Operate. These are applied to maximize the pay-per-use model’s benefits of cloud resources, fostering transparency and accountability. In the same vein, the allocation of financial costs is comparable to that of environmental costs. This implies that creating transparency and genuine responsibility for application teams can be effectively translated from a financial to an environmental perspective. For instance, in the Inform phase, users achieve clarity about their current carbon emissions and their allocation, and they would learn about their sustainable options (concerning environmental impact), which are increasingly provided by the cloud service providers themselves. Through the Optimize phase, adjustments to the infrastructure with the goal of minimizing the CO2 footprint can be implemented and measured. Lastly, in the Operate phase, the focus is on fostering accountability of all people involved by investing in training and sharing knowledge on sustainable cloud practices.


  • The white paper explores the escalating concern over carbon emissions and the urgent need to reduce them due to global climate change.
  • It highlights the significant contribution of the IT industry, particularly cloud usage, to carbon emissions and the crucial importance of addressing this issue.
  • The concept of GreenOps is introduced as a practice that builds upon FinOps principles to help organizations take accountability for their carbon footprint and mitigate their IT operations' environmental impact.
  • The document delves into the carbon emissions of the IT industry, especially in cloud usage, and the challenges of measuring and monitoring these emissions.
  • It underscores the need for accountability, awareness, and decision-making that factors in the carbon footprint in IT operations, and offers recommendations for implementing carbon footprint reporting and reducing emissions sustainably.