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Enabling Azure­ Lift & Shift Use Cases

This Azure Lift and Shift white paper tackles the challenges application teams encounter during the deployment of applications to Microsoft Azure. Learn how meshStack’s fully automated self-service platform empowers teams, even those with limited cloud experience, to manage the seamless implementation of Azure subscriptions and the necessary cloud resources, setting the stage for successful Azure Lift and Shift scenarios.

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Target Group: Platform Engineers & Enterprise Architects

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How to provide Landing Zones for Lift & Shift scenarios?

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How to migrate applications from datacenters to Azure?
Cover Azure Lift & Shift Whitepaper

How to use Landing Zones in Azure?


Migrating applications from data centers to the Microsoft Azure platform is often a challenging task for many application teams, mostly due to a lack of cloud experience and Azure know-how. The central cloud team can’t always provide the needed support, creating a bottleneck when it comes to deploying the necessary Azure subscriptions and cloud resources. meshStack offers a solution, facilitating the creation of Azure resources through a fully automated self-service platform, complete with all necessary elements required for lift and shift scenarios.

The ‘Lift and Shift’ strategy makes up a significant portion of most organizations’ cloud transformation efforts, but teams often lack the requisite experience and know-how, while central IT resources are stretched thin.

With ambitious cloud adoption goals, most organizations have limited time and resources for the refactoring of existing applications. Therefore, to close down data center operations in a timely manner, the workload must be shifted to the cloud without major architectural changes. The application teams responsible often lack cloud experience, and while they have a range of cloud services at their disposal, the central team is often resource-constrained to provide the necessary support. In Microsoft Azure’s case, they often manage Azure subscriptions instead of resource groups, to facilitate lift and shift use cases.


  • Numerous application teams find the migration of their applications to Azure challenging due to a lack of cloud experience and support from the central team.
  • 'Lift and Shift' is a prevalent approach that allows organizations to meet their cloud adoption goals without comprehensive architectural changes.
  • meshStack offers automated deployment of Azure subscriptions and Landing Zones, with a design specifically tailored for lift and shift scenarios.
  • With meshStack, application teams can easily manage a ready-to-use cloud environment, inclusive of virtual machines, storage, and network resources, without in-depth knowledge of Azure.
  • The platform enables organizations to embark on their cloud journey at a pace that suits them, providing a centralized management system for security and compliance.