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Cloud Stakeholder Map: One Team for your Cloud Foundation

We’ve collected the most important Cloud Foundation stakeholders and responsibilities in a Stakeholder Map. By downloading this stakeholder map, you’ll gain a better understanding of various cloud transformation roles and responsibilities, helping to streamline your cloud processes and enhance collaboration. This cloud stakeholder map provides a valuable framework for your team, ensuring everyone knows their role and how they contribute to your overall cloud strategy.

Language: English
Target Group: Platform Engineers & Enterprise Architects

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Map with cloud transformation stakeholders for better communication and more efficient cloud governance

What are the responsibilities and roles in a Cloud Foundation Team?

How should the Cloud Foundation Team and IT Security collaborate?

How to ensure cost transparency and proper cost allocation?

Cloud Transformation: Understanding Responsibilities


Cloud Foundation Teams, also known as Cloud Centers of Excellence, are key for successful cloud implementation and operation within an organization. Their cross-functional nature allows them to tackle different areas of your cloud journey, including project management, identity and access management (IAM), security, and cost management.

These teams usually consist of key roles such as Enterprise Architects, Platform Engineers, and Security Officers. These cloud stakeholders are instrumental in implementing your organization’s cloud strategy, ensuring it aligns with the needs of various customers.

But how can you make sense of who is doing what? That’s where our Cloud Foundation Stakeholder Map comes in handy. This comprehensive resource helps you identify the specific responsibilities of each role, enabling you to accelerate cloud onboarding, project implementation, and operations. Additionally, it provides clear guidelines on how to coordinate intersecting areas like IAM, IT security, controlling requirements, and ITSM integrations that form the core of your Cloud Foundation.


  • The Cloud Stakeholder Map describes the responsibilities and roles in a Cloud Foundation Team or Cloud Center of Excellence, such as the Product Owner Cloud Foundation, Enterprise Architects, Platform Owners, and Platform Engineers.
  • It also covers the needs of DevOps teams and coordinating cross-cutting concerns like IAM, IT Security, Controlling, and ITSM integrations.
  • See how scalability, flexibility, and governance in the Cloud Foundation Platform support future growth and enable self-service and automation.
  • What does it take to make the Cloud Foundation Team and IT Security collaborate on enforcing security requirements consistently across the cloud landscape.
  • Furthermore, the Stakeholder Map shows how cost transparency and proper cost allocation can help in scaling cloud organizations, including cooperation with the controlling department.