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How-to Guide: Cloud Landing Zones

Unlock the potential of your cloud transformation with our insightful guide on building cloud Landing Zones. This guide uncovers the steps and processes of crafting landing zones tailored for various use cases within your organization, ultimately providing you with a solid foundation for a successful cloud transformation.

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Target Group: Platform Engineers & Enterprise Architects

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Learn how we’ve successfully established a cloud foundation with 2 Landing Zones in just six weeks: We kick things off by devising a tailored cloud operating model for your organization. This includes determining the specific goals tied to your Cloud Foundation implementation, recognizing the key stakeholders of the project, and discerning the roles of internal teams and customers in the Cloud Foundation context. Additionally, we help you understand the vital information needed by your teams to deploy a cloud environment effectively and illuminate the different cloud use cases that cater to your organization’s unique needs.

Following this, your internal teams are equipped with their independent cloud environments like Azure Subscriptions, AWS Accounts, or Google Cloud Projects. These environments empower them to deploy their applications autonomously. To ensure a secure configuration, we use best practice specifications from cloud providers and automate their integration into your cloud foundation with Infrastructure as Code using Terraform, complete with integrated documentation.

For deploying a Lift & Shift landing zone, we create a dedicated spot within the cloud resource hierarchy, allowing it to coexist seamlessly with other landing zones. Using the meshStack Marketplace, your cloud foundation team can rapidly deploy their services via Terraform and GitOps pipelines.


We provide you with a robust cloud foundation solution, just like the ones used by industry leading organizations.
  • Experience a swift time-to-cloud of minutes - the interval between ordering a cloud environment and its deployment.
  • Leverage meshStack to reduce your costs by more than 85% compared to a traditional consulting project while also curbing long-term operational expenses of your cloud foundation.
  • Through a unified governance layer and the integration of diverse landing zones catering to your cloud use cases, we enable an optimal architecture to scale your cloud foundation effectively.
  • Our best-practice and open-source landing zone construction kit (Collie Hub) spares you months of consulting projects.
  • With Infrastructure as Code, you maintain complete control over your assets.