Cloud Foundation Assessment

Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment

Get valuable insights into the current state of your Cloud Journey

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meshcloud has already successfully brought many large organizations into the cloud. With our structured Cloud Foundation Maturity Assessment, we evaluate together with you:

  • what did you achieve already,
  • develop your roadmap and
  • pave the way to a cloud-native future.

1on1 assessment with Cloud Foundation experts

We measure your current progress - and create the basis for your Cloud Foundation Roadmap


Get an assessment of what you've accomplished so far and where your current processes stand


See how the cloud strategy you are pursuing compares to our Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM) in a structured comparison.


Identify and prioritize gaps in your capabilities to create your custom Cloud Foundation roadmap

Enterprise Architect

What you can expect from our assessment

We help you answer the tough questions

  • MVP: What capabilities do I need to cover with my Cloud Foundation?
  • Implementation: What options do I have to implement it?
  • Prioritization: In which order should I implement these functions?
  • Growth: How do I implement capabilities that scale better?
  • Planning: What will my Cloud Foundation look like in the future?
  • Productivity: How do I support my application teams to reduce their time-to-market?

All this for a fixed package price of 3.500€ (plus VAT).

Book assessment

“Building cloud foundations at companies like Volkswagen or Commerzbank is our daily business. With our Cloud Foundation Maturity Model, we’ve helped organizations determine their status quo, create a roadmap, and set them up for success in the cloud.”

Christina Kraus

Christina Kraus

CRO & Co-Founder | meshcloud

Our proven methodology: Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM)

Build your cloud foundation along a clearly structured roadmap

The biggest problem with cloud transformation is the immense complexity. To master these, we developed the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model. Its tried-and-tested solution modules implement common organizational and technical requirements for a cloud foundation.

We assess your Cloud Foundation maturity against over 50 building blocks in five Pillars. With the Pillars, we cover all the important topics relevant to building a successful Cloud Foundation:

  1. Tenant Management
  2. Identity & Access Management
  3. Security & Compliance
  4. Cost Management
  5. Service Ecosystem

In addition to the pillars, the building blocks of the model bring further structure to your cloud roadmap:

  • Maturity level: Which expansion level of a topic is targeted in the next step (Essential, Recommended, Best Practice, Advanced, Industry-Leading)?
  • Scope: Is this a cross-cloud issue? Does it need to be solved specifically for each cloud platform (e.g. Azure, Google)? Or even for a group of use cases (e.g. artificial intelligence, health data or similar)?
  • Automatisierungsgrad: Aktueller und angestrebter Automatisierungsgrad: Manuell, semi-automatisch oder vollautomatisiert?

A cloud strategy based on the CFMM thus leads to a very precisely specified and yet scalable cloud governance.

What do you get?

Personal & Individual Consulting

Interactive workshop(s) with your relevant stakeholders (2x2h or 1xhalf day)

Tangible results

The most important results of the workshop in the form of a presentation and the evaluation data as a structured text file (CSV).

Future updates

You can access future versions of the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model at any time

More advantages

  • Benefit from our extensive experience with cloud foundations in industry-leading companies
  • Find a common language for aligning with internal stakeholders and management on issues, priorities, scope and roadmap of your cloud journey
  • Stay on the cutting edge of cloud foundation development - the CFMM is constantly expanding to include technical and methodological advances

Start your successful Cloud Journey

Our offer: A 1on1 assessment with experienced Cloud Foundation experts. We review and assess your company’s cloud maturity and develop a detailed roadmap for your cloud transformation – at a fixed package price of €3,500.

Man holding a tablet computer, discovering the incredible meshStack showcase

Landing Zones Showcase

Longterm Expertise in building Cloud Foundations

Show don't Tell: A fast track to your Cloud Foundation

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Ditch lengthy project plans. With our fixed-price showcase, you’ll be ready to go within 6 weeks. You will be able to:

  • Provide self-service onboarding to your application teams
  • Roll out and operate modular Landing Zones
  • Manage and allocate costs transparently
Man holding a tablet computer, discovering the incredible meshStack showcase
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meshStack Showcase Timeline

Optimal Time Investment for Success

Our Showcase approach is a proven method providing guidance and direction of the configuration and adoption of meshStack, using reference architectures and best practices. This includes team collaboration during active working sessions focused on configuration, and adoption use cases.

Week 1

Configuration: Platforms
5 hours

Week 2

Compliance, Building Blocks, Chargeback
6 hours

Week 3-6

6 hours

Building and growing your Cloud Foundation can be a challenging undertaking. We will provide a structured approach to guide you through the challenges of building a scalable and secure cloud foundation in the meshPanel. We are excited to offer you an overview of your


All stakeholders understand what the Showcase is all about. All necessary meetings are scheduled.


  • No pre-requisites


  • Enterprise Architect
  • Platform Engineer


  • Introduction round
  • Check cloud portal accessibility and first flow
  • Define success for your Cloud Foundation
  • Schedule meetings
  • Next steps


You can order an AWS/azure/Google Cloud Account via meshStack UI or API.


Technical prerequisites are listed on Github


  • Enterprise Architect
  • Platform Enginner



You define an onboarding flow and tagging scheme that fits the requirements of your organization and provides transparency for all included stakeholders.


You are able to log into meshStack.


  • Enterprise Architect
  • Platform Engineer



You can order a building block as part of your Landing Zone.


  • You have set up a platform (like Azure, Google Cloud or AWS) in your meshStack.
  • You have permissions to create a service account (like an Azure Service Principal, Google Cloud Service Account, etc.) that can be used for executing the building block module.

Alternative to using meshStack standard building blocks: You have an existing terraform module that you want to offer as a building block.


  • Platform Engineer
  • Enterprise Architect


  • Define a building block in meshStack
  • Test the building block


  • Platform Engineer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Cost Specialist

An important step of the Showcase evaluation is to figure out how how your internal customers can use meshStack to request and manage resources in self-service. That’s why we recommend to schedule a session as part of the Showcase. The goal is to get feedback on what has been built during the Showcase.


  • Product Owner of an Application Team
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Platform Engineer
  • Cloud Foundation Team

The assessment aims to answer two questions.

  • Where is our cloud foundation?
  • What are the next steps for evolving the service offering to our customers?

The assessment is based on the publicly available Cloud Foundation Maturity Model (CFMM).

Agenda for the interactive workshop

  1. Understanding the Cloud Foundation Maturity Model
  2. Running the assessment


  • Enterprise Architect
  • Platform Engineer
  • Cloud Foundation
  • Customer Success Manager (meshcloud)

In the last session of the Showcase, we will review what we have achieved in the last 6 weeks.

If desired, we will outline both commercial and technical next steps for building up what we did in the Showcase.


  • Enterprise Architect
  • Platform Egineer
  • Customer Success Manager Manager (meshcloud)

Create and access Cloud Environments with Ease

We’ll integrate up to 2 of your cloud platforms into meshStack to let you experience how easy it can be to provision new cloud environments.

  • Don’t be afraid to loose control on your cloud landscape
  • Manage the entire project lifecycle: Create, modify and delete projects
  • Reduce your “time-to-cloud” to a couple of minutes
Deploy your cloud quickly in self-service
Roll out and operate landing zones

Roll out and operate your Cloud Landing Zones

Landing Zones are a core product of your Cloud Foundation. We’ll help you integrate your Landing Zones into meshStack and show you how to tailor them to meet your application’s needs.

  • Meet your organization’s cloud needs with modular Landing Zones from cloud-native to cloud newbie
  • Leverage standardized building blocks to manage the complexity of a scaling cloud landscape
  • Support applications with value adding services like DevOps Toolchains and Starterkits

Manage your Cloud Costs and Budgets

FinOps is gaining more importance in a scaling cloud landscape. We’ll make sure you have the basics covered and will help you to automate FinOps processes for cost allocation and budget transparency.


  • Keep control on evergrowing cloud costs with multi-cloud budgets and flexible cost allocation
  • Provide application teams with cost transparency and foster consciousness for their cloud spend
  • Learn how to automate your cost allocation process to reduce administrative effort in cloud cost management
Manage your cloud cost and budgets

meshStack Showcase: Your 6-weeks ticket to Cloud Success

Our Showcase approach is a proven method providing guidance and direction of the configuration and adoption of meshStack, using reference architectures and best practices. This includes team collaboration during active working sessions focused on configuration, and adoption use cases.

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Why should you choose a showcase with meshcloud?

Proven self-service solution

With meshStack, companies manage thousands of cloud projects every day – professionally and efficiently

Concrete implementation

Act instead of talk: Demonstrate a concrete working cloud foundation to drive decisions, address concerns and move your business forward

Know-how transfer

Workshops and customer success support ensure that you can subsequently operate and further develop your Cloud Foundation yourself. If required, we will also be at your side afterwards.

Cloud Foundation Community

Share experiences and learn from others in our regular community meetings.